S.O.A.P : This is how pop should be done

Even though we play the game, you get no pupunani!!!

S.O.A.P are my all time favourite pop bands and Denmarks finest pop products. If you take anything from this Danish love-in at DSTP make sure its S.O.AP! Moreover if peeps dont fall for tracks like Soap Is In The Air, DontStopthePop might as well as call it a day!

They consist of two sisters; Heidi and Line Sørensen with the former born in Malaysia! The girls started off their careers with a huge burst with their This is Is How We Party single which did very well on the US Billboard charts. However from then on, like most European pop acts, they were unable to crack the market ever again. Yet in Denmark, Europe and Australia they went on to produce another album titled Miracle. They've gone onto work on solo projects but its not the end for the sisters who say nothing is really in their way of another album in the future.

So lets get straight to the music!

Soap Is In The Air-Barcode Mix
: This starts of really bad but the mix actually outperforms the original version! Excellent track!

Soap Is In The Air: Written and produced by Remee for RamBams! Includes the stunning lyrics "go banani...Even though we play the game, you get no pupunani"

Mr.DJ:"Party like a Prince of Denmark". If that is some Hamlet in-joke, you better heed the girls order seeing as everyone is dead by the end of epic play.

Ladiddi Ladida: As you will hear the S.O.A.P version of this track is more Solid Harmonie than the i5 take on this retro urban/dance track. Written by by Remee Zhivago in Denmark!

Mr.DJ-DJ Encore Mix: Wonderful remix!

Stand By You: Okay this is one of the best pop tracks to come out of 90's. Its engorged with everything a good pop song should be. Think Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and Robyn's Be Mine. If you have the Cd-Maxi of this you'll get the "Copenhagen" version of....something I don't so get in touch! Moreover this sounds sooooooooooo much like poppier take on Kym Sims wonderful Too Blind To See it which must be a good thing! Covered by S Club

This Is How We Party-Rap Version with Remee: This is the one that started it all off. A*Teens went onto mimic this sound with their brilliant follow up to their ABBA tribute LP. This version includes a rap...that really isnt a rap just a few words really. Blink and you'll miss it!

Wishing: We leave you with a stunning ballad that really isnt a ballad. Imagine the Girls Named Spice christmas tune, 2 Become 1 somehow got crossed over with Blondie in their darkest moments. I know, I know..strange mix up but its hard to place this track. If this had been performed by Coldplay it would be no.1 and the readers of The Guardian would be throwing themselves at it. Think Morrissey, War Of Nerves(by All Saints) and Madonna's La Isla Bonita.

Words: Europop, classical pop, typical melodies, strong lyrics, Billie, Billie Myers, Kylie, Popsy


Alexander said...

I actually own SOAP's first album. And it's really good too. Some of my favourites must be "Romeo & Juliet", "Dowutchalike" and "Not Like Other Girls". I do love the other songs you posted though.

Don't forget to check out Catchy Tunes of Sweden!

Robpop said...

I think some of the tracks today are from the second album! I love Romeo/Juliet! Oh and Live Forever!

Checking Sweden!

POPtastic (Jessica) said...

I heard i5 version of Ladiddi Ladida. I read somewhere back that it was a cover but didn't know who they had covered. Nonetheless, it's a good song.

I do like the song Wishing.

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Oh I thought there'd be more interest in Soap :(

Wishing is a stunning track.

Chris said...

I'm a huge fan of SOAP. I own both their albums, and a couple of their singles. They're probably my favourite Danish pop act ever. In my opinion their best song is 'I Wanna Go Back' from the second album.

billyknowspop said...

I LOOOOOVE S.O.A.P. This album was sooo much better and poppier than their first album, even tho the Almighty mix of "This Is How We Party" should be on everyone's ITunes!!! Glad to see you getting back to the good stuff, esp with Sisse and Bro and Sis!

Aaryn said...

I HAD to come back to this and comment. Thus far ive only checked out LADIDI LADIDA. Im a HUGE fan of the i5 version and therefore was ready to HATE this.

its BRILLIANT. No wonder i5 flopped.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Stand By You was covered by S Club 7! Never knew they weren't the first to sing it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the video for Not Like Other Girls that was played a lot on MTV Europe was a dance remix. Anyone know by who?

Oh and, was Mr DJ a single anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Kym Sims and her classic track 'Too Blind To See It.' Be sure to check out her new songs at www.kymsims.com