SISSE MARIE Boom ( In My Room )

This could be the summer hit of 2006! A prediction I know but I can't get Boom outta my head. Sisse is pretty much a Danish legend and has represented her country at Eurovision & I love her to bits. My friends in Denmark tell me this is all over the radio there. She looks like Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud crossed with Liz from Atomic Kitten and theres a bit of Cameron Diaz about of other words shes not that ugly: not that ugly AT ALL.

Boom is indie, dance, rnb, folk, slightly electric and somewhat like a chant song. Also, its SOOOO ADDICTIVE! Pop has never been so collective! Yet, to me it sounds like another song I can't quite name as of yet but I'm sure theres another Danish track hidden deep in my Ipod that sounds like Boom.

As you can see she both knows how to pout as well as smile like she's promoting some toothpaste company:

I think its pretty clear that this girl is a pretty girl. But its the music I'm interested in and I personally have already put my hard earned krona for her new album due August 22 through EMI and Sissi's own record company!

Get the maxi single of Boom at CdOn and it comes with some wonderful mixes too!

Words: Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Vengaboys, Solid Harmonie...


Adrian said...

When was she in Eurovision? I don't remember her!

Jessica said...


This song is petty catchy.
I was just wondering if you guys were
having any difficultes logging into your blogger account.

Alexander said...

Must be Junior Eurovision?

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

She was in Junior Eurovision that was before it was Eurovision ;)

ereid said...

I'm confused. This song was released and charted in Sweden last year. Where is this being released so that it might be *this* summer's song? Wonderful song, but old. =)