Another possible 2006 summer hit from Denmark!

Take the girl from Robyns Be Mine...this for me is the boys side of the story. Even the subtle strings backed up by a sweet thumping baseline appear to reveals its intimacy with Robyns recent Swedish hit.

I Wish is everything I miss about rnb these days. Somewhat electric, trip-hop, etheral, silly, fluffpop, rnb and backbeat. I Wish originally came out last year but flopped yet it has garnared the interest of American record companies who are planning to give the song to some other "more urban" outfit. . Whatever that aint good... for Brother-Sister make sure rnb slides close to Dansk pop as much as possible & I imagine that once "urbanized", the song will lose its subtle summery "nod-ya-head"/A-Teens feel to it. I'm told that the burst of industry energy over the song has led to Brother+Sister re-releasing their debut single for summer time which explains the radio play it had when I was recently in Denmark.You can check out the video for I Wish here.

Get the below 2005 album here.

Brother+Sister consist of Gigi and Sonny who are, as you might have guessed siblings....They are musicians, singer / songwriters, actors, - and World champion winners in Ballroom and Latin-american dancing, Gigi is 23 years and Sonny is 19 years old.

The album itself is produced by Cutfather/Joe and recieved a nice ride in the album charts on the week of release. The boys' vocals are the real gem of this
album and in fact he, Sonny, sounds a bit like Martin of BwO!

Words: Will Smith, summer, No Angels, Max Martin, Martin of BwO, JLO/JA-Rule, Sonny, Sarah Conner...

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