JONNA Sateen Jalkeen+Ella's Statement!

Hi! I'm Ella & I'm here to add that womans touch that this place needs! So to my first ever song to give you...Jonna! Who is proof that the Finnish and their music are nothing like that of Lordi and quite classical in production and vocals. She's somewhat like the best of Britney, Natasha Beddingfield & Mania yet very much herself. Her material is of a very high standard and you could locate her position in the Finnish music industry as that of Swedens mighty Robyn. Jonna is simply huge there.

I hope you like her!

Things are gonna change 'round here. Not only will DontStopthePop be a blog primarily about recalling a particular strands of global pop often lost or forgotten but now some acoustic expressions, or what is sadly labelled as 'indie', of melodic pop will be included and enjoyed...

You might have heard of the slogan "rights without borders": Don'tStopthePop is about pop without borders. Music that transcends. In the few months of DontStopthePops inception-its only been here for 5 months- we've heard pop music from India, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, U.S, Germany, Romania, Bosnia, Japan, Ukraine and now Finland.

However the music exposed, explored, examined and revitalised appeared to express just one form of poptastic music. This is what we will try to change. Just as the bells of Pay-tv need celebrating, DontStopthePop will ALSO now search for material that goes for the soft or minor approach. This moment in pop multiplicity was forced in our minds once Finland won Eurovision while Kate Ryan was left to pick up the very shattered pieces of her wonderful and now deviant pop anthem. But don't think this blog will turn into a Coldplay/NME/Sandi Thom/ 'arteest' love-in...for sure, DontStopthePop won't suddenly be estolling the virtues of gothrock but pop must be inclusive and so will we!


Aaryn said...

YaY Ella!! Look forward to your posts! Its good to have a womans perspective. S*P just added a str8 guy..... LOL!

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Thanks Aaryn! Yay for Jonna!

Str8 guys and their music! Thats a scary one! I've twice been romanced to the sound of James Blunt. I left before any lips touched.

Aaryn said...

I HATE James Blunt!

DONT WORRY! This str8 guy has AWESOME music taste, that of a gay man. Hes even obsessed with Tori Amos so we know he cant be too str8 :P>


Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Oh Tori...reminds me of my teenage crapness. I avoid her now especially now the summer has come out.

Adrian said...

Great to hear some Finnish pop! I've been wondering if it existed.