VETO SILVER When Your With That Girl

Riding the jetstream of uber, Veto Silver are in charge of their own destiny and making electric waves in the hinterland that is the British music industry. When Your With That Girls comes from the limited e.p release that came out last year and while rough around the edges you can really hear the real potentially/possibility literally creaming out of the 3 minute pop gem. With their brilliant new single "Stay Young", they're "pitching" the tents of those over at Select, Ghetto, NME and popjustice. Their myspace is getting "heavy-biscuit". They are the electro fairies pleasing all sorts of corners!

You can also find out a rather FAB interview of the band and an exclusive review of their new album in this rather interesting edition of Gay Times which is on the Best of British. I'm gonna post the front cover purely because I think the guy eating the Cox apple is really crunchy.


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Paul said...

oh how i wish i was that apple ;) I really like this song and their new one is pretty fine too (Stay Young Stay Beautiful) ~ i just hope that them and Lorraine can spearhead the return of sophisti-pop boy bands cos lord knows son of dork ain't doin it!