ANEELA Daughters

Another brand new act for your aural pleasure today! You might not have heard of this little act before but we love Daughters! If you like Arash you could find something stunning in Aneela's work!

Aneela was born in Denmark; in a boring town called Frederiksvaerk. I say boring because I dated a man from there who was, as the English say, dull as dishwater.

Thankfully..Aneela is not!

After being one half of Toy-Box, a group who DontStopthePop is doing a huge special in two days, Aneela broke out and has recorded what could be the best titled album ever in pop history: Twinkle Twinkle Little Popstar!

Aneela is releasing her Single Jaande in Sweden in August 2006. The single is on the Soundtrack to the Swedish movie “Heartbreak hotel”... and she's just completed a small tour with Aneela with Abrar Ul Haq and the legend that is Umar Shareef.

Check out her website -- where I discovered Daughters -- which has remixes of her singles, live performances and snippets of her new album: here.

Alternative download of Daughters: Here

Ps: If there aint no comments I'll be a vexed girl cuz I like Aneela. She's kinda proof that pop is crazy, international, melting, fun, Danish, glitzy, Indian, Pakistani, disco and everything that Lordi is NOT which is why everyone who voted for Finland should be sent to the dunce corner to think of over their actions. So no comments and I'll give up.*

*Joking..but I would like to know whether you guys are digging the overall music I've been doin' lately.

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POPtastic (Jessica) said...
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POPtastic (Jessica) said...


Sorry for getting back so late about i5. I actually have their album, bought it on sale. I liked it, although I didn't really like "Distracted".

Did Toybox release the song "Tarzan & Jane"? I usually don't listen to these types of songs but I do want to hear this in English.

Don't give up =P I like your posts.


Yeah... these Kylie leaked songs are really good. Pretty surprised as to why they didn't make the album(s).

Alexander said...

A huge special on Toy-Box? :O I strongly advice you to leave them out of DSTP! :P

Nico said...


Very good song

Aaryn said...

ELLA.... Look ..

SOAP was my #2 last week!

∙fj♥∙ said...

lol even though i dont understand a word from it it sprettu catchy i liked it ! thanx for the headsup on my blog.

Great review btw <3

bar-codes said...

That look good! More about barcode you can find here -

POPtastic (Jessica) said...

Hello you guys,

I think that's Clea, it sounds like them. Katie (who emailed me the track) said that it was a demo for the album Trinity. She got it from a music site that she's a member of.

Let me know if you want a 192 kb version of "I Surrender" (unless you guys have it already)... I love that track =)

RÃ¥nny said...

thanks robopop, for your nice comment on my blog.

I am happy to say that I sporadically visit this site after I found Poptastic not too long ago and love your recommendation in music you make. Thanks for the great suggestions!