Camille Jones. Well whatever can we say! From a Danish diva, Sanne, to a rising star of the Danish and international pop scene. Yes, Camille is yet another Danish pop act who is gaining huge momentum in the US Billboard charts with the song above!

She's proof that Danish artistry is pushing the boundaries of pop music as we know it. With quite brutal lyrics, The Creeps evolves into a slow epic polemic of electro-pop much like Kylie's Slow did in 2003 yet if you felt a bit shortchanged by the Kylie classic but still loved its ability to get stuck in your head you might find peace in the form of The Creeps...

In fact, keep with Kylie's Slow because I think that The Creeps is its gutwrenching twisted sister-in crime. Scrap that, imagine if Slow had been recorded by Grace Jones and you've got The Creeps! So who is Camille Jones?
Camille Jones’ first album “Daddy Would Say” came out in 2000 on Warner Music and included the monster hit “Nothing Comes From Nothing”. The album gave Camille Jones a nomination as “Female Singer of the Year” at the Danish Music Awards 2001. Camille has also contributed to the soundtrack to the Swedish film “Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig”.

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Pop Boy said...


Just thought I'd show my appreciation of this blog. Well done you!

I'm especially liking the Danish pop stuff. Most blogs are all about Sweden so it's good to see Denmark getting some coverage.

Absolutely loving Camille and Swan Lee's 'In Your Life'. Amazing tunes. Keep them coming!