Swan Lee-Tomorrow Never Dies

Infernal-Fairytale (2nd version)

Infernal-Sorti de L'enfer (Infernals first ever single!)

From Infernal, Camille, Malou, S.O.A.P, Brother+Sister, Moi Caprice, Swan Lee to Marie Sisse, Anna Frank, Sanne, Anna Gadegaard, Aneela and her Toy-Box you could say those in the Danish music industry can claim to have brought us the best pop music out of Scandinavia in recent years! Just this week Infernal have spent a whooping ten weeks in U.K top ten singles chart-with 6 being their lowest position to date-something that doesnt happen a lot these days especially with pop/dance records.

Nor once have we touched the monolithic Aqua or a proper Eurovision act! So far so good, eh! Feedback has been excellent! Emails are of shock that Denmark produces such good pop. In fact, a friend who works for Copenhagen Records-naming themselves so in a mocking in-joke to Stockholm Records-said that Danskpop has managed, unlike their Scandipop neighbours, to go abroad but then again he's biased.

However there is some truth in his words. It is not an act from Norway or Sweden that can claim to have the second biggest U.K record of 2006. As we speak Infernal and their From Paris To Berlin are sneaking up on Gnarls to snatch their huge crown of song of the year as the Danish duo stay yet another week in the charts. They follow other recent Danish acts to go international like Safri Duo and Junior Senior leaving their Swedish, Norwegian and Finish fellows bewildered and fighting for position in their domestic charts. Hell, even the boys over at CatchySoundsofSweden are getting in on the act!

That isnt to say that Danish pop is better but rather Danish artists appear to know how to crack international arena whereas Sweden, for example, is left writing brilliant entries to Eurovision but never getting anywhere with that. Personally I think Robyn and Amy Diamond just might change the downward spiral of the Swedish pop on the international market this year. In fact, with Robyn's album set for release in August we know so!

So, to celebrate the conquest of Infernal we've decided to raid our archives and bring you their first ever single released from their debut album (pictured below) and Female version of Fairytale(You Took A Ride) which is only available on the poptastic international release of From Paris To Berlin. For your added delight we've also got the cute Swan Lee James Bond Theme to Tomorrow Never Dies!

Sorti De L'enfer-includes bagpipes and comes from a time when Infernal were a trio and wore skirts.

Fairytale-A softer all girl approach to the rather poptastic album track released only this year! Is it wrong that we prefer this version....

Tomorrow Never Dies-We are ever so upset this band have already parted ways but I'm sure we'll hear from the trio of Swan Lee again somehow! Much better than the one the studio went for(I think it was Sheryl Crow)


POPtastic (Jessica) said...

Infernal are great. I managed to found myself a copy of their album, From Paris To Berlin... such great songs.

I'm constantly listening to Deeper Still, A To The B, and Keen To Disco. Thanks for all the Danish pop =)

Omer said...

YAY! Thank you so much for Swan Lee :) Very nice song, altho it has nothing to do with the bond theme song! Different melody and lyrics...