Sorry Ella, but I interupt this Danish love-in to bring you to guys the much procrastinated issue of Robyn and the second part of DSTP's promised and very belated special on the star that is Robyn Miriam Carlsson!

Why? Because Robyn is about to release something in the UK very very shortly so I thought it might be nice to prepare the UK and beyond of her brilliance. All of what you are about to hear are unreleased, not on any album or just very rare.

Dream On (UK Album Edit): As you will hear this is very different to the version you've heard on Swedish Radio.

Dream On (UK Single Mix): Dream On was already epic, but now it gets a stunning electro shine on it. Think Infernal and think Cat5...Lyrically sparce but even more so glorious.

Roll With Me: Okay so this rather summery chill-up track was one of Don'tStopthePop's first ever tracks posted. Now the sun is actually coming out I thought it might be nice to revisit it. This was actually a single for Robyn in Sweden and I treasure the maxi Cd!

Roll With Me (Cypher Radio Edit)
: So you had the normal version. This is a mix of that & is ultra rare!

Do Me Baby: DSTP has already featured this a few months ago but I thought it would nice to revisit it! See below for a better studio version of this song...

Who's That Girl (U.S Single Mix): I'm not totally fond of what they've done to the electro spectacle that was Who's That Girl. It has nothing of the anger or hatred of the version available on the album. But you might really dig this previously unreleased single version slated for a US something or other...

Good Thang (Club Vocal): This track has never been included on any Robyn album as it was the flipside to the single release of Play when Robyn decided to expand the product as a double a-side. Recorded too late to be included on My Truth and sounding too much like Main Thing which did end up on the LP, Robyn set Good Thang aside for greater things. It was a huge dance hit in Ibiza and in the clubs of Stockholm. This is the vocal club mix of Good Thang which I actually prefer over the normal mix cuz it dumps the sax!

Good Thang: See above for the details. This is the original version.

Blow My Mind (New 80's Mix): I don't really like posting live tracks but this version is so good it demands to be heard. Owners of Robyn's 3rd album from which this is taken will know that Blow My Mind is a sexy soft pulsating love affair drifting into slumber and that feeling of morning after sex with someone you've fallen deep for. However, this version is nothing like that and recalls the classic 1980's PWL/SAW hit machine that produced Kylie and so on. Brilliant track!

Crash And Burn Girl cover by Mandy D: Like Keep This Fire Burning and nearly everything Robyn touches, other acts want to covet and cover her stuff! Not bad for a demo

Do Me Baby by Michele: Now this actually features Robyn on vocals. Its by Michele & was written by Robyn! Much has been made of Robyn's songwriting skills for acts like Darin and Sita but Michele takes the crown for being the first to gain from Robyns brilliant talents.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much for the second part of your Robyn special. Your choices are brilliant! I re-discovered Robyn about a year and half ago and was surprised to find out that she was still making great music since she fell off the US radar. I do have a small request (which I wouldn't normally do if I could find these mixes myself), but could you PLEASE post the "At Hogalid Studio" mix of "Be Mine" and the "Style Of Eye" remix of "Who's That Girl"? They are impossible to find in the States. Thank you and please continue to "don't stop the pop"! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused - is Dream On coming out in the UK?

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Anon no.1: Rob will get ya those tracks! I dont have em!

Anon no.2: The album is coming out in August. Thats all we know. The UK mixes are demo's for the UK...but i can't say whether they are going to be released here

J'ason D'luv said...

Robpop could very well get a spanking if he continues to be naughty.

Nico said...

Do me baby! has been written by Max Martin too:!

xolondon said...


Mandy said...

Hey, this is Mandy D. Found your blog fro our Robyn forum....uhhhh thanks for posting my cover! haha


Anonymous said...

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EtienneEvolution said...

Hi there, are there anymore robyn specials that will be posted?

I love her to death!

Do you happen to have "Keep This Fire Burning" video version?