As DSTP!'s celebration of Danish pop music comes to an end we thought it would be tragically flawed if we failed to celebrate the legend of Danish Christine Milton.

Her album Friday was one of THE best pop albums of 2004. Written and produced by the same people behind Robyn's 3rd album Dont Stop The Music, each track contained brilliant whiggle-that-ass sounds with So Addictive, Superstar and Addict all competing for the best pop record of the year award. It also includes a super kitchy+camp cover of If You Leave Me Now which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE! If you take one song from this thread please let it be Addict! Its Kylie, Alexis Strum, Scissor Sisters...its just fabulous!

So much so Superstar was given to Jamelia to save her career and thus preventing Christine Milton using the song in Europe recalling Parlophone's previous freezing out of other Scandanavian acts in favour of their own. Christine & Pandora(of Sweden) certainly deserve, at least, a drink or two on Jamelia and Kylie. But then again thats just the music industry. Maybe one day some other artist will make use of the unreleased Pop! album or even better cover Supersisters Coffee.

So to the music!

So Addictive-Spanish Fly Radio Edit-We adore the original. But I prefer this shoulder shakin' vocal remix purely cos it makes you want to get all dirrty with some boy just back from Ibiza. Its nearly my favourite Christine Milton track if it wasnt for.......

Addict-Our favourite from the album. Think Alexis Strum's unreleased demo album or Kylie's electropop best. A must on any mp3 player. Very electro, very 1980's, very Darren Hayes Popular, and very poptastic!

SuperStar-So you might know the Jamelia version that literally gave the British singer her current career...Check out the original lyrics.

All Night(Back On The Inside)-This is basically Superstar Mark II. In fact its the melody of Superstar just with different lyrics. Loving the slutty "I dont dance like a virgin" and "I'll do it the morning light" declarations.

Whiketywak(I Ain't Coming Back)-The Nightclub Single Mix-Sounds a bit like the mixes of Robyn's first album single's. Includes a very dated rap. Pop music by numbers but included here for your delight.

SuperStar-Metstarr Radio Edit-Disco heaven mix of Superstar. Totally vanilla

Shine On-Extended Version-A great single and a great song. This is the rare extended version. Not anything to do with the Alcazar song. Has some great little beeps. Retro rnb heaven...

Head In the Clouds-This doesnt essentially start off well but evolves into a cute summer luv boy luv girl track. Includes the brilliant lyric "got me all google-eyed".

Buy the album

Words: Kylie, Alexis Strum, Jamelia, covers, popstars, originality, Danishpop, Remee, Ghost


BTW: Its very hot in London. We got front row tickets for Kylie next year. We love the new Scissor Sisters single. We love the Caracola album especially Sommernatt. Robert is reading Levianthan by Thomas Hobbs. I am reading We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. Stevie is gaying it up in Greece and probably too busy in the sand dunes to read.


Anonymous said...

Once again you have outdone yourselves! I was becoming a little worried cuz I hadn't seen a post from you guys in a while...but of course you return and introduce me to the wonderful Christine Milton. How much do I love you guys for giving me my favorite new jam...So Addictive. Thank you again and contine with the fabulous job!!!! You guys rock...uh, I mean Pop!!!

Aaron said...

OMG I love Christine so much! I have all 4 of her singles but not the album so it's great to hear 3 more tracks. I'm desperate to get the album now but CD ON won't ship to NZL - booo!

So Addictive (Spanish Fly) gets played at my local club almost weekly!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Aaron said...

Any chance you could put up the rest of the album? Or am I just being greedy?

aaron said...

Sorry to keep posting but I think a celebration of Danish pop should also feature Jannik! Ok he wasn't a big success but his album is great!

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Aaron, as the album is ULTRA rare(its not even on just checked 4u) I'll try & get Robpop to sort you out a copy.

His contact is

Maybe he could send you a Cd-r or alternatively just send it through mp3.

With regards to Jannik

The Danish love-in is actually coming to an end even though there was quite a lot more stuff I wanted to talk about. So we might actually do a "part-two" some time later in the year!

The next post should be a "feast on scraps" kind of thing which consists of tidbits of acts we've covered and some that we havent like Diskofil which are both spunky and brilliant!

Aaron said...

You should do a Kiwi music love-in! Would only take you about a week!

J'ason D'luv said...

It's about time someone updated this darn site!

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Its too hot! And aaron. The only thing I could do for NZpop would be the almighty yet slightly dialectical TrueBliss

Paul said...

ella i am starting your fan club! i want to be junior vice president of it :)

Aaron said...

Oh Ella!

I need to introduce you to the joy of K'Lee, Deep Obsession, Fou Nature, When The Cat's Away, Carly Binding and Nicolette!

As well as the joyous *0s group The Fan Club!

Anonymous said...

You need more on Christine MIlton as inomation here dose not give enough foe educational purposes foe assingments!!!!!!!!

bob said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I have been watching your blog for quite some time! And i have to say you have introduced me to some of the most excellent tracks ive ever laid ears on!

NG3 Holler being one of my favorites! Thanks again for introducing me to some obscure gems!

Ally x