EYEQ Let The Record Spin

When in France just don't dance...

When ya think of Danish girlbands you might think of Soap and thats about it. But EyeQ produced two brilliant albums in the 00's. They've toured with Jon Norgaard who features directly below and sold quite alot in native Denmark. Nowadays, for some reason they've completely vanished! Theres no website catering for their fans and even the cdon leaves you dry. There is very little information about the Danish Girls Aloud /No Angels yet I will try and rack my mind for you guys!

EyeQ were the product of the Danish series of Popstars back in 2001. They consisted of Louise Lolle, Julie Jungvig Næslund, Sofie Hviid and Trine Randbo Jepsen. The girls gave us two albums Be Okay and Let It Spin.

They played instruments, discussed Sartre and looked great in high heels but after the second album didnt do as well the first Sofie did a Kym Marsh leaving the others in lurch with a record Sofie had forced them to do. Be Okay, the second album, was quite a leap from the poptastic Let It Spin and as this was before Kelly Clarkson's breakout LP, the fans had issues with the overuse of guitars. The direction of Be Okay had been primarily constructed by Sofie and I love what she tried to do. A female Busted with little Motown footnotes she thought but alas the fans hated it.

Another factor that caused the demise of EyeQ was again laid at the feet of Sofie..or rather some other part of Sofie! Need we say more:

However rather than 'work' the new sound or ignore the trash tabloids, the band faultered probably rather due to the shock of the gigantic flop. The departure of their key players really didnt help and the girls called it day. EyeQ we salute ya!

FACT: Original singers of Kaci's hit single I'm Not Anybody's Girl!

FACT: Despite the rocky impression of the second album its just as poptastic as the first!

Words: Popstars, fabulous lyrics


POPtastic (Jessica) said...

Hello guys =)

EyeQ's first album was good. I never could find their second album. POPtastic! will be having a Popstars special coming up very soon. Robpop... I will be posting some of the songs off Scene 23's album that you were looking for =)

Do you have the mp3 of EyeQ- I'm Not Anybody's Girl?


Aaron said...

EyeQ are one of my fave bands ever!

I love No Angels more but I think if EyeQ had lasted a bit longer they'd've easily taken over.

The lyrics of "Let The Record Spin" are pure genius!

I've got both their albums so if anyone needs them let me know.

MSN: notsuchaninnocentboi@hotmail.com

John said...

I was wondering how long it was going to take this page for some EyeQ to show up!

I have both of their CDs and they're both great, but I think their best bit of cheesy pop goodness has got to be Diamond Rings and Caviar. Lolle sounds great on this one. And, from Be Okay (which is TOTALLY underrated, in my opinion), the GORGEOUS Stay Right Here.

There's also a track they did called Miss You, which I don't believe was ever released... Or, if it was, it wasn't one of their big radio singles like I Want What She's Got or World Outside My Door... Anyways, this is a very simple acoustic song... 4 girls, a guitar, perfect harmonies and that's it...

I heard a rumor a while back that a couple of them have gone solo... Sofie left the group, and apparently Julie released some post-EyeQ music as well... Does anyone know anything about this?

Janet said...

Dear Robpop,

Where are Miss Robinson. I loved them, and they have gone away!

love Janet

Rånny said...

like this one too! lol.

ben said...

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