MISH MASH with LOIS Speechless

"Proof that Scandipop is in a discopop league of its own"

If there was a World Cup of not football but poptastic pop toons both Denmark and Sweden would ALWAYS end up in the finals. Not only do their producers/writers shape the way Anglo-American acts sound, but artists from these two countries continue to amaze me aurally. The climax at the end is over and above that of a orgasm! Dance bitch dance!

Ministry Of Sound called Speechless a record with more "bounce that Beyonce" but please don't take their word for verbatum! Speechless is one of the best dance/pop records ever to come out of Europe let alone Denmark!

Mish Mash consist of Kasper Winding, a classically trained musical prodigy hailing from Denmark and Lois Norbye who hails from Copenhagen, with a background that takes in ballet dancing and performing as a singer and actress in Denmark.

The version above is quite rare and more disco than the radio edit or single version.
As you will see in the video they are greatly influenced by Kylie even down to the many goldpants. Here is the original pop mix which is different to the single version used in the video.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Danes Malou, their Swedish sisters in crime Pay-TV and the British copycats Goldfrapp Mish Mash are ready to drop one of the best electropop albums of all time. We've heard 3 tracks from it and all we can say is...amazing.

Words: bouncing, poptastic, saturday night, strings, amazing video, amazing vocals, discoteka

Upcoming: more brilliant Danish pop! More EyeQ, more Jon and something really quite special in the form of Denmarks blonde fruit cake!


Chris said...

Best video of the year! The song is great, too.

RÃ¥nny said...

I agree with Chris...well about the song being great as I've yet to see the video. D:

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!