JON Popstar!-Poptastic Single Mix

This weekend we're going POPtastic overdrive! We will present to you an excellent and ultra cute version of Jon's cover of Sita's Robyn penned track Popstar, satisfy an EyeQ request and dance with a Danish superstar in the form of Whigfield!

But back to our first daliance with Danske pop this weekend

Popstar(The Pop Mix) is ALREADY poptastic but they've made this version all 80's like. Reminds me of Kylie's Love At First Sight crossed with theme from Grange Hill! I think that this versioni of the song is the best out there and a must have in any Itunes!

Please please please enjoy! Buy the album ultra cheap here!

FACT: The album contains a beautiful ballad with Jessica Folker, material written by Soren Rasted of Aqua, backing vocals by Lene of Aqua and more tracks written by Cutfather/Joe, Robyn(of Sweden) and Remee(of Denmark)

FACT: We. Have. A. Huge. Crush. On. Jon!

Words: Grange Hill, Kylie, Love At First Sight...


Poster Girl said...

Thanks for the introdution to Jon--I'm really loving the songs you've posted, and some of his other songs--the Jon vs. Musikk version of "Every Girl I've Ever Wanted" is phenomenal! Oh, and thanks for the Anna David song a few weeks ago--perfect summery goodness that I had never heard of before :)

Omer said...

ohhh brilliant! Love the original and love the remix!