EYEQ I'm Not Anybodys Girl

A few days ago we featured the Danish girlband EyeQ who were the product of the TV show Popstars. Jessica over at PopTastic requested this little ditty which DSTP is most happy to oblige. I'm Not Anybody's Girl comes from EyeQ's second LP Be Okay which you can purchase here

So, most might recall this song because it was covered by the poptastic American singer Kaci for the "straight to DVD" flick A View From The Top. It also became the title for the Kaci album clearly ensuring that it a Kaci track and not anyone else's.*

Basically, Danish act covered covertly by another act is a "methodology" that we've seen before. Take Jamelia's Superstar, which actually wasnt her song but a Christine Milton classic long before Parlophone grabbed it for their, then, flopping act. Now, when you think of Superstar you think of Jamelia because the record company did their best to make it "hers". The same can be said for Natalia Imbruglia's Torn which was originally by a Norwegan singer, Kylie's On A Night Like This and Kaci's I'm Not Anybodys Girl. We will be covering Christine Milton this week so be prepared!

*Ella, in a unusual act of treason, prefers the American cover over her fellow Danish sisters' original.

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POPtastic (Jessica) said...

Thanks DSTP for this track =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Robpop,
Again I thank you and the rest of the DSTP crew for the exceptional work you guys do. From Mish Mash to Aneela, you guys constantly introduce me to artists who would ordinarily fly under my radar. At any rate, I posted a comment regarding the great "Robyn Special, Part Two" that was recently posted. It was a request for two Robyn tracks that I can't find anywhere here in the States: "Be Mine" (At Holidgad Studio Mix) and "Who's That Girl" (Style Of Eye Mix). Ella T was kind enough to respond and said that you could get me those rare Robyn mixes. Do you have any plans to post them, or could I have you e-mail them to me? Thanks, in advance, for any help that you can provide.

U.S. Robyn Fan