Aka Whigfield! Don't jump to her debut single when you think of her name for she has produced some of the best pop music without you guys probably knowing so. Everyone knows about her Saturday Night heritage but did you realise that all of the Benny Benassi stuff shooting up the dance charts features her on vocals or writing credits? Did you also know that MOST of the IN-Grid album, including Mama Mia, was co-produced/written by Sannie!?

Was A Time is too slick for its boots and has the audacity to reconstruct Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. While at first Whigfield was the shame of Denmark Was A Time restored our faith in her ability to record one the best pop songs that belongs in ANY good Ipod playlist.

Words: In-Grid, Benny Benassi, One Hit Wonder, Pandora, Rogue Traders


RÃ¥nny said...

soupacool song upload! I APPROVE! lolz.

bulldoggy said...

it IS a goody... Robpop: I've been empowered with file conversion abilities and was wondering if your Duke-White Wedding m4a could be coaxed out of you. And if you have an email! (promise it wouldn' be abused...). Finally, not sure which blog i could request this of, cuz several seem more than qualified, but perhaps someone is interested in doing an all-inclusive retrospective on 2Two Third3... I just have the suggestion, no material, except I Want The World. Thanks for great stuff as usual, kids!

bulldoggy said...

Oh, and Duke's Underground Disco!

Anonymous said...

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