Alas its time Dont Stop The Pop grabs its sunnies, jets off into the Spanish sunset & so naturaleeeeeee it seems right to celebrate Greece's multidude of pop divas. And boy do they have many...too many for one little blog like this to cover. Anyway, we hope you like what follows and have a great summer!

Natassa-Katazitite(Ojos Asi)

Natassa Theodoridou is a Greek pop legend. In fact she is THE Greek diva. Not the Vissi as some might assume for only Natassa can claim the hugely impressive achievement of having her have first 3 albums achieving platinum status. No other female Greek singer can claim this! Her single Katazitite, English title Wanted, was huge in 2001 and a Greek cover of the Shakira classic Ojos Asi.We love it cos it reminds us when Shakira was actually quite good.

Marianta Pieridi-S'agapo

THIS IS AMAZING! Soundwise Marianta amalgamates certain polemical traits of Greek folk music with interesting Swedish electropop. Think The Knife, PetShopBoys, Kylie, folk music and er Robbie Williams. However we've gone with her PetShopBoys/electro sounding track rather than her other hits. So in other words, shes rather versatile and thus interesting...WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TRACK FOR YOUR SUMMER DISKO PLAYLIST

Nansy Alexiadi-Ksero Pia Eimai

Hot on Mariantas heels is the poptastic electro Nansy who has been listening to a lot of EMI-Kylie and early Madonna. For this we love! When we sniff this we get whiffs of Sophie Elis-Bextor, Jamelia at her best and a strong sense of Alexis Strum. In others words, EXCELLENT!

Elena Paparizou-Heroes

Where does one start with Elena! Already achieving her popstar badges of honour with her band Antique the Swedish/Greek singer has entered the stratosphere of the Greek pop world. The rest of the world beckons with an English album ready to drop come September time. This is a track taken from it.


Now if anyone who is stealing Elena's thunder in the Greek charts is pop princess Kalomoira. Her albums are so poppy you actually need a bath to remove the bubblegum from your naughty bits. The swine! Seriously tho, it was very hard to select song as everything she's recorded is so good. So heres another one.

Despina Vandi-Jambi

When describing Despina Vandi its so easy to slip into a torrent of superlatives. One will try to refrain from doing so but don't spark too hard if you see one or two...So Jambi is Despina's European smash hit from her Garden Of Eden LP released earlier in 2006 which took Despinas total global sales over the million mark. Jambi looks like it will also be released in the US a market that has always shut out Greek performers. Will Despina beat the odds and break the land of 50Cent, Missy Eliot and Usher? Only time will tell. Born in Germany but brought up in Thessaloniki, Despina has studied philosophy and is widely accepted as the only Greek singer with the real potential to break international territories. Already Jambi has proven her supporters were right as it has swooped the charts of Europe and possibily beyond...

Kaiti Garbi-Stohos

It is pretty hard to pigeon hole Kaiti. Sometimes she does a bit of rock, then she'll release folk album, followed by pop and dance record. Despite her ever changing sounds her chart sales are huge and is a force to be reckoned with in the Greek music industry. Kaiti has collaborated with Natassa and Elena and is a stable favourite in the singles chart in Greece. She is very close friends of Anna Vissi and is part of rivalry that sees the newer Greek singers Despina+Elli pitted against Kaiti and Vissi. Strangely enough though Kaiti reached the EXACT same position as her best friend when in 1993 she was asked to represent her country at Eurovision.

Peggy Zina-Pouthena

This sounds like the James Bond theme we'll never get! Amazing introduction! If one wants to look at female Greek singers who don't just target Eurovision as their career ladder one only has to refer to the pop princess Peggy. In 2005 she walked away with Greece's ARION Award for Female Singer of the Year leaving the mouths of Elena and Anna firmly open due to the general perception that it was just a two horse race. She is currently on a pretty successful tour of the US, Australia and Canada!

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Adrian said...

Wow, a veritable cornucopia of Greeky pop! Can't wait to hear them all.

I love Keti Garbi's Eurovision performance: a walked-in intro to show off the two-drapes-of-turquoise-cloth-tied-together-by-a few-sparkly-sashes ensemble she was wearing, followed by lots of diagonal-across-the-face hand movements.

The Irish commentator exclaimed "Wow!" during the intro, I still remember that.

Telen said...

Ouuuu Ouu Ou. Where do I begin, who do I listen to first. Thank You so much. I love LOVE your descriptions, so clever and witty! Thank You so much!

iraklisk said...

Where is Anna????You forgot to include Anna Vissi the ultimate Greek Pop Diva!!!That's really a disgrace...

Daimn said...

I'll have to spend a week to get acquainted with all these divas, should be worth it though.

Robpop said...

Anna wasnt included because EVERYONE talks about the Vissi. This was to talk about other Greek divas.

I hoped you liked the selections!!!!

Anonymous said...

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