Its summer. Its hitting 45 in the shade. V noice. And while sipping on Eurotastic cocktails in pink speedo's, glancing at the pruned chicos and glammed up puta's, the music which underscores the holiday frenzy is just as important as your sun lotion, condoms and ridiculous looking Ray-Bans. Hence this very sun-drenched thread...

This post is to bring the summer jams to a very cold cold August experienced by the Northern Europeans. What follows is the ridiculous, banal, hot, new and rather poptastic anthems direct from the beach. We hope that when you hear these tracks you'll be taken straight to the crystal clear waters of Espana, the mirrorballs the Costa Del Sol and away from the clouds of home. Smell the sun! Enjoy!

If You Wanna Dance With Me-Rhea: This was the song Dannii should have recorded. When this plays the reaction is huge. A very strong debut from songstress Rhea who sounds somewhat like Kylie and Holly Valance. If You Wanna Dance With Me is a DSTP favourite. VERY POPTASTIC!

Lucky-Lucky Twice
: Now this is THE summer hit of all the Spanish clubs. What do you get if you combine September, Da Buzz, Kate Ryan and bWo? This! Follows in the traditional of poptastic containing Lucky...Lucky Star, Lucky and of course the mighty I Should Be So Lucky.

Rosa-Mas: Can you feel it? Do you feel love? Yet another song to interpret Donna Summers 1970's iconic dance polemic I Feel Love. Mas is a stunning pop song taken from an equally poptastic album by the Spanish winner of Pop Idol, Rosa Lopez! Some might remember Rosa from her Eurovsion attempt "Europe's Living In A Celebration" but in Spain shes a legend. DSTP! will cover her soon in the very near future.

Estoy Bailando-Shimai: Shimai are two very famous drag queens in Spain. V big. You dont need to speak Spanish to love this track. The backing track sounds somewhat like Septembers Satellite's which is also huge here. Check out their rather camptastic video here!

Que No DarĂ­a Yo-Rebeca: Another song that you really don't need to know Spanish to adore. This song was originally set aside for Eurovision and has become a huge summer discoteka hit. Rebeca is of course a pop legend in Spain. DontStopthePop will cover hersoon. Her video for this includes Kylie's dancers from the Showgirl tour and lots of homoerotic touching. Nice! See it here!

Un Monde Parfait-Ilona Mitrecey
: BEWARE OF THIS SONG! It is REALLY poptasticaly annoying! Released in Italy around 2004 Ilona's smash hit just wont die. It was no.1 in France for months in late 2005 and has returned with a vengence this summer in Spain. It HAS been released in the UK but flopped. While quite tragically addictive, in a Whigfield way, it has always caused many a smile for three summers now so for this reason alone it deserves a special mention. What is more the video is ultra cute! See it here!

Some Summer Thoughts:

  • Paulina Rubio live at Malaga's Fiesta of Music with a huge indian head-dress. "Malagaaa!". See it here!
  • Loving Pay-TV's new single, So Simple by Stacie Orrico and Velvets album.
  • El Corte Ingles has absolutely everything. The Spanish Harvey Nichols.
  • The Ferias of Malaga, Seville and Granada. Such lovely+beautiful people.
  • Churros: A Spanish treat only properly available in Andalucia. V bad for the hips!
  • My neighbourhood on blogworld, national newspapers and Rupert Everett as my neighbour!
  • SwissAirlines: first class like it was once on British Airways. Sublime!
  • The LayDown restaurant in Madrid. You eat in one huge bed. Then at midnight watch the performative artists do their thing infront of you as you all cuddle up. V uber! A must if you ever visit Spain. See...
  • The new Toni Collette-yes the Toni of Muriels Wedding and In Her Shoes-album Beautiful Awkward Pictures...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that Lucky Twice song!! What a happy poppy summer song. Thanks for sharing!! Do you have any more info on this group? Thanks :)

KimBim said...

For some reason I picture S Club 8 singing Lucky Twice. Frankie woulda made that song even more awesome.

J'ason D'luv said...

Yay, the sexy kids are back... or at least they're drunk

benindy from France said...

Lucky twice is wonderfull

Thomas said...

So cool :)
Thank you for these songs !

Peter said...

Thank you for bringing 'Dance With Me' into my life :-)