ROSA Beautiful Night and A Media Luz (A Kiss Goodbye)

A Media Luz: The Carola penned album track!

Beautiful Night: The disco anthem supreme!

Rosa Lopez, Eurovision singer, Pop Idol winner and now disco diva. A star in Spain where she broke records for sell out shows and album sales. So much so that she had a nervous breakdown after the initial burst of musical fanfare. Now shes back with a huge disco album that has wiped the nay from the sayers.

If theres one country that has taken Swedish talent it has be Spain. Every pop act coming out of Spain at the moment is working with Swedish producers and writers with sublime results. The album by Rosa Lopez is proof of that interesting relationship. Nearly every track has been written in Sweden with the pop maestros Bobby Ljunggren, Anders Wikstrom, Tobias Lundgren, Fredrik Thomander and Mats Ymell. In other words her Me Siento Viva album is a discopop frenzy that is punctuated by her stunning cover Diane Ross’s Upside Down.

Now, one of the songs I’ve selected today was written by Swedish legend Carola. Yes her of Framling, Invincible and Genom Alt fame. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about she represented Sweden at this years Eurovision in Greece. It sounds a bit like Cher's Strong Enough.

For your added enjoyment I’ve added the brilliant sort-of-Spanglish track by Rosa titled Beautiful Night. It includes waves of electro keyboards, disco slicks and is that a sitar I detect? To me this song wouldn’t go amiss on the first BwO album and has shades of A Teens but then again it was written by Fredrik Thomander; the guy behind Firefly and Sugar Rush.

Words: Disco, Carola, Divas, Eurovision. A-Teens, Scandipop, Spainpop!


Wondered what Anders Wollbeck, of Alcazar & Negotiate With Love fame, did with Rosa's rival? No? Yes? Well wonder no more as shes the next DSTP feature!


Danniiboy said...

Wow! Fab tracks! I'm off to Gran Canaria on Saturday and will DEFINITELY be picking this album up. Any other recommendations?

Goggle said...

Could you put up mp3 instead of m4a please? I really want to hear these songs because I had a spanish teacher who was a big Rosa fan, but I don't use iTunes and thus can't listen to m4a format. Thank you!

Robpop said...

Get Rebeca's greatest hits.

Also get all of Natalia's stuff, the disco estrella double album, Merche and try the Nadia/Bea album who are two SpainAir flight crew.

Robpop said...

Also I forgot...Roser..

Robpop said...

Goggle..will try and sort u out! I'm still in Spain at the moment so I can't really do much with a limited computer.


Poster Girl said...

I have a bit of an Idol addiction, so I'll definitely be downloading these once my computer starts allowing Z-Share to work again (should be soon, I bet) :(

And goggle, if it helps while you wait for robpop, you could download this, which is an mp3 converter--it can change songs from m4a to mp3 (and convert from wma and a bunch of other audio types). It is free, plus it's recommended by C-NET so it's not just some random shady download :)

Loving the summery Spanish tracks!

John said...

Props to Robpop for mentioning Roser!! Fuego was SUCH a fun album!

And let's not forget Chenoa. As much as I love No Angels, her version of Lovestory is the far superior.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I'm spanish and I love Rosa lopez!! She's a big star and she is very very nice!!!She's doing a spain tour and having a fantastic succes!!!Is great! Her album "Me siento viva" is the best album I've ever listen!! songs like "upside down", "let the river run", "mas", "a MEDIA LUZ", "TERMINO TU TIEMPO"...if any person want listen some songs.. this is my msn:
forgive my bad english... bye!

Anonymous said...

hi, I've to say about Rosa that she has a big heart, since I saw her I fell really in loved of her. She has a perfect voice, and the pity is that she is only known in Spain, I'm waiting for the moment in which she could come to the UK.