Artist: TomBoy

Song: Its Ok To Be Gay

Video features: Infernal, a gay dog, bottom sex & pink poo


Features the lyrics: "now remember, there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over"....

Ella's Favourite Bit: When Infernal come in. I love them!

Ella's Wish: For it be no.1 everywhere in the world. Yes its shameful but I'd prefer this than watching some rapper diss women or songs about hips that dont lie.

Ella's Promise: This is the LAST post about Danish music. For I am off to Denmark, New York & then to the Maldives. Back in September & have a great summer!

Ella out!


Paul said...

that is the gayest thing i have ever seen! and it is EXACTLY what happened when i came out the closet!! (was i ever in it)

have a safe trip ella - i will miss you :) xxxxx

Jessica (POPtastic) said...

Have a great trip Ella =)and great posts on Danish music.

J'ason D'luv said...

This video is scandal!

Now hurry up and fly over here so we can have our own gay sex in some seedy NY hotel.

Anonymous said...

Wouv. All those costumes must have cost a fortune ... I love them, but I don't really think I could wear them at work ;)

But what a truely magnificent video. It will become a genuine classic ...

Anonymous said...

Jesus what is this? It is fantastic :)

Gotta have it. Anyone know where to buy it – cant find it in iTunes music store?

Queen of Lesbania said...

any chance for an actual mp3 upload of this song?? i've been searching for it since i found the video here.. thanks for a wicked site :) keep it up

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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