SEX(French version)

Its hard not to overdose on superlatives when talking about Elli Kokkinou: which is why we've decided on her track SEX as DontStopThePop's first posting after months of Danskepop. From the cold Nordic winds of Denmark we're getting all hot and bothered with Elli, the Greek diva of Athens.

SEX is an amazing track. Very minimal yet not. Very ethnic yet very not. It is a dialectic. Slightly etheral yet its a boombastic dance track. It condtradicts itself. Vocally lost yet lyrically limited. With pop songs generally loaded with vocals, SEX demands the listener to imagine as Elli leaves the instruments to dominate the song. The sexiest part of sex is not doing it but rather the thought of it and the construction of this vacant yet polemic pop song reflects the thought/silence of sex over and above the actual act. If Britney's Breathe On Me had illicit sex with Holly Valance's Kiss Kiss you'd have the bastard child of Elli's SEX. Those who like Despina's Jambi will adore SEX. The two are evil sisters!

Elli is best friends of another Greek diva, Despina Vandi and is a sworn enemy of Princess Elena Paparizou. This is alledgly because Elena has been known to do naughty things to get songs that Elli has already recorded. We think the track in question could be the My Number One which explains the fall out. However the Greek gossip columns have said Elli wouldnt have used the song for Eurovision because the show wasnt in her "style" as she's already successful. While Elena won Eurovision & has become a huge Greek success story with sales nearly approaching Elli's it will be Kokkinou who looks very likely to break out to Europe. We know this as Elli has recorded, not an English version of SEX, but in French which is being primed for French radio. Here is a very good live version of the French mix of SEX recorded at Greeks MTV music awards where she won best female singer thus beating Anna Vissi, Elena Paparizou, Despina Vandi & new Greek pop princess Kalomira .

Elli Kokkinou is a huge gay icon as you can probably guess why but her fanbase is huge. Her megastar status was confirmed when 50Cent, yes that 50Cent, supported her! I was planning to actually to see her live this year on what was going to be the event of 2006 when Elli and Despina decided to tour together. Imagine if Kylie and Madonna performed together and you should get an idea. Sadly it was cancelled due to missed deadlines over constructions on new stadiums. Damn builders!

Greece, like Sweden, has a thing for pop divas and follows them religiously. Which is always a good thing seeing as the nearest thing the UK has had to a female pop star was Louise who we think is stuck behind a huge pile of Argos 2002 catalogues somewhere in Leeds. Greece has Natassa, Anna, Helena, Kalomira, Peggy Zina, Eva Milli, Mirianta, Mari Litra, Kaiti Garbi and Despina! Far too many Divas for just one country to keep to itself me-thinks! So in the interest of European Union solidarity, DontStopThePop celebrates the diva that Elli! Let your star shine bright and strong forever! Also keep up the Elena P bitching! We love a good handbag fight!

Words: diva, Breathe On Me, Kiss Kisa, pop rivary, sex, diamonds


Adrian said...

This sounds fantastic! I'm loving the Greek divas of Anna Vissi and Elena Paparizou, so can't wait to hear this.

If I could be so bold to request, more Greek dancing divas would be brilliant!

iraklisk said...

I wouldn't say that Elli is a gay icon; she is not very classy - if you know what I mean - her songs are all right though. Anna was, is and will always be the ultimate Greek diva!

Adrian said...

Having now listened to it, I think the best part is the very beginning when someone says "sex" and then it sounds like "five, sex". It's all downhill from there.

I agree with the other commenter - Vissi's new greatest hits is, literally, great.

Robpop said...

Oh totally! Vissi is unrivalled in Greece.

DoCtor Di SpiRo said...

hey guys! elli says in this song "sex! wild sex!" not "five sex"