MAGNUS CARLSSON Discodåre/Disco Fool

"Give me Wham and Chic and BeeGees, Donna Summer and Alcazar, thats all I want!"

This is the gayest song that ever lived. Gayer than Kylies Your Disco Needs you and this Danish favourite over at the Popjustice boards. What song do you know actually pays tribute to Wham, BeeGee's, Donna Summer, Alcazar and Gloria Gaynor? It shimmies right next to, say Scissor Sisters recent efforts, and upstages Jake Shears & BabyDaddy et al...Yes you did read that right, UPSTAGES the Scissor Sisters! See him perform the song here totally live. As you will hear his voice is absolutely stunning.

Discodåre in English roughly translates as Disco Fool. The basic "plot" of the song is that Mr.Magnus feels like his flat is like a cell and hes just waiting to go out(or rather come out). All he wants is Donna Summer, Alcazar, Chic and Wham. Once at the disco he confides that he knows every song, he's smiling and happy. Then the weekend is over and, while music is his best friend, its monday once again and life is shit. Tuesday is also boring. He watches a boring movie and while he does this he hums I Will Survive. And then the whole body starts to tickle once again and hes dancing under the mirror ball...

Discodåre is the 3rd single taken from the new & rather fabtastic solo album by Magnus Carlsson, the himbo of the bands Barbados and Alcazar. It covers all the usual Eurovision/schlager friendly stuff expected of Magnus but also enters into new zones of artistry in the form of stunning tracks like Det största av allt and Som om inget hänt and the ever cute Jag ser dig, jag ser dig, jag ser dig. If you like Nanne Gronval you'd like his album. Purchase it here and have a little listen to it here through his wonderful website.

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