DANNII MINOGUE I Can't Sleep At Night(Acoustic Lounge Version)+

Emma Nildotter: For All Time
Bette Milder: Stuff Like That There
Dannii Minogue: I Can't Sleep At Night(Acoustic Lounge Version)

Want some of Dannii's salt on ya chips?

So its been a beautiful weekend consisting of relaxing, sipping on chilled wine, reading old childhood books and picnics in the park. Therefore the music today reflects that mood and we can't anything more chilled than this new version of Dannii's electro track I Can't Sleep At Night. Most will know of it as the single that was bumped off for Perfection and So Under Pressure.

Despite the photo to the left suggesting otherwise, she has not resorted to opening a fish n chippie although the thought of cod in Danniis brand of batter does seem rather fabulous. In fact, Dannii is currently busy promoting her recent greatest hits pacakge and is about to release another single any day soon. I'm very fond of LoveFight. She's also planning to be in a movie called East Of Richmond(or something like that). All of which means Dannii's far too busy to open up a greasy spoon. Sadly...

Also included today is a bit of pop background. Emma Nilsdotter is a Swedish singer whose featured on many lounge poptastic albums and this song is illustrative of her sound. Many will not have heard of her but believe me you'll have her in your CD collection without probably realising it.

How so I hear you sceam?
Shall I tell you?
Burst the bubble?

Well, shes actually the vocalist on Britneys Toxic. Yup! Britney sings only a number lines on her anthem while Emma takes hold of the chorus, bridge, difficult middle 8 and high notes in the verses. She is not merely the backing vocalist on the track but dominates on the song. It should really be Emma Nilsdotter featuring Britney Spears.

Much has been made of Beyonce and her recent absorption of other female acts. To me though Christina Aguilera has also been plundering though the back catalogue of other singers and their styles. Her new album, with specific reference to the excellent new single Candyman, sounds a lot like Bette Midler. Check out Stuff Like That by Bette/Dixie and the rest they say..is plagiarism. Well sort of...basically it gives us a reason to rekindle the brilliance of Bette's back catalogue and that can't be such a bad thing can it?!

In other news:

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Paul over at The Zapping showing us all how its done. While many blogs prioritise style over content The Zapping proves a cute template aint always gonna float the boat. Check out the excellent The Little Mermiad demo and reviews of the musical Daddy Cool. Sparkpop also seems to get that specific balance brilliantly right and have celebrated their one year birthday with a pure, clean but colourful make-over. Another blog that keeps it "fetch" is Jessica's classic blog Into the Groove.

Although the new Pay-TV single is a different shift of gear, the lyrics are as sharp as ever and it will go down as yet another Swedish pop gem. You can also check it out at SoundsofSweden.

And lastly this brand new blog looks interesting.


Paul said...

ah thanks for the shout out :) blush...

J'ason D'luv said...

Ooh, ouch! Hope that "style over content" barb wasn't thrown my way!

J'ason D'luv said...

And this Dannii acoustic version is pretty swank!

Robpop said...

No way Mr.D'Luv. Ur site is splendid!

PinkieDust said...

Love the Dannii track rob. However Stuff Like That there is a very old track. :)

J'ason D'luv said...

Shucks! I sure do D'luv Robpop :-)

Robpop said...


Pinkie i had no idea it was a cover. Do you have the original?