Thanks to SoundsOfSweden, DontStopthePop went on a huge spending spree over at Cdon. One of the albums that really stood out was Velvets stunning first album Finally.

There is like one dud track amongst many strong ones. The dud one isnt really filler but it doesnt quite muster the strength when next to such brilliant pop songs. Its very rare that albums contain such strong songs without being classified as being too desperate to be seen as ubercool (yes we love our Goldfrapps & Nelly Furtados but they can be seen as trying a bit too hard at times).

What DontStopthePop is getting at is that we just love acts that do pop so effortlessly that it makes you smile inside and dance like a fool without fear of looking like a fool. Discodare indeed.

&...Velvets album does that to us. Its a very hard thing to achieve. Kylie did with Light Years but Madonna completely missed the mark on Confessions. Girls Aloud did with What Will The Neighbours Say but not Chemistry. Whoever said pop was easy to do? Well it isnt! Making ten songs with a guitar and drumkit is what we'd describe as easy but by no means can you get away with such antics if you want release a good pop LP. Thankfully Velvet did and we highly recommend Finally if you havent already!

Not only will you get a storming cover of Livin' Joys Don't Stop Movin' but a great reworking of Eddie Grants 80's hit about a street in South London, Electric Avenue. Other standout tracks are the Eurovision attempt Mi Amore, Doin It, the highly yet subvertly addictive track DJ Take Me and the club friendly anthem In And Out Of Love.

To purchase Finally try this rather sublime place, or check out this online resource and if you need more convincing check out SoundOfSwedens offering. Remember these blogs are to promote new acts and Velvet needs all the help they can get so get ya credit card out and buy! Treat yourself cos you'll be dancing to it all year.


J'ason D'luv said...

OMG! Livin' Joy! Nostalgia! I can see the glow sticks and taste the Long Island iced teas now!

I'm off to work, but will download Jenny/V as soon as I get there...

PinkieDust said...
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PinkieDust said...

Thank you. I love it!

PinkieDust said...

Robpop: heres the original version of

The original has more lyrics. :)

Robpop said...

thank you pinksta