CLEA Hey You![previously unreleased demo]

Seeing as DontStopthepop is going on holiday for a month we thought we'd do something a bit special. So special in fact its split between two posts. The firsts consists of Britains only bubblegum pop act Clea, a girlband which drew their membership from the girls that didnt make the cut for Girls Aloud and minus TheJav.

For their second album Clea worked on a number of key comeback tracks namely Don't Go, Hey You and Kick Back Relax which all screamed hits!!! Sadly Don't Go was pulled due to a sample which wasnt given clearance and Kick Back Relax was given over to Agnes Carlsson who has had a huge hit with her version in Sweden this week. Hey You, despite being ever so catchy, didnt make the final cut for reasons unknown. The song includes brilliant choral chants in the introduction and bridge that reminds me Madonna's JellyBean records. Enjoy!

Oh and seeing as the girls are still signed & ready to reattempt U.K success with another single(which might be Hey You) the song up for grabs today is of lo-quality and slightly edited. DontStopthePop does this when acts are indie, breaking out and need all the help they can get. We don't wanna stop the pop and in fact we want it to go on and on and on. So the download uploaded tonight has been changed as we don't want to damage its potential if its ever released. You shouldnt notice that much of a difference but please, if you like what you hear, buy their Trinity album at all the usual places. Because DontStopthePop is so damn good to you we're gonna tell you where to buy the best+cheapest version of Trinity. Amazon? For sure you could buy it there but why not get the edition released in Hong Kong. It comes with a poptastic bonus disc AND a completely different, and I might add, a far better sleeve. Also as this unreleased it will only be up for a very short time so grab it while ya can!

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Tomorrow expect a completely different type of performer whose vocals are so amazing your hairs on ya back will faint in sheer shock.

Other news:

Remember the boyband Ultra? They've released their second album totally out of the blue. Check it out here: Whatever next? A Code-Red release?

Postergirl's blog is so good it makes us all ashamed. Check out the brilliant recent Abs Breen post which includes a brilliant Japanese bonus track.

Check out hits you'd never guess were already recorded by other acts on Pinkiedusts brilliant blog. Notible threads include Waiting For Tonight, Come into My world, Torn, He's On The Phone and Too Lost In You.

Ella covered them today in her rant about Kylie. However Chris/Alex over at the excellent SoundsofSweden got their day earlier though. Check out their brilliant mp3's on the new electronic pop band, Zeitgiest, that's getting me rather excited. Very uber.

Check out the rather brilliant interview with PussyCat Dolls in the magazine for bummers of the London sort in Boyz here.

Hotstuff Files reveals Girls Aloud got dressed in the dark for their new promo pictures.

Talking of which Fetch Me Some Music have the setlist for the new Girls Aloud Greatest Hits. It looks brilliant. Just so you know there was once an Kylie unreleased track with the same title as no.15. Hmmmmmmmm


Poster Girl said...

Thanks for the link! :) Wow, Ultra--and they even have Alistair Griffin on one of the songs! Talk about a blast from the past.

I don't know how you all get all these exclusives, but I'm so glad you do--"Hey You" is brilliant! I must confess that I don't own the album, but if it's this good, I think I'll have to order it.

Hope you both have a fab holiday :)

Paul said...

ooo do they - now i will have to check out ultra. didn't they have some weird photoshoot in tv hits where they were tied up in chairs? I was strangely turned on by that - maybe i've shared too much,,,

i got a message from Mr Dust who says his 'cum'puter is broke and can i download the clea song!

Danniiboy said...

Where's the link to Hey You? Have you taken it down already?

John said...

Is there ANY chance that this can get reposted? I just got Trinity a week or two ago and LOVE it (especially the re-recorded version of The Lie, which anyone who know me knows I think is one of the best pop songs ever written) and I'd LOVE to hear this one too...

Pretty, pretty please...?

Static&Silent said...

Such a shame Clea turned into an even more low-rent Atomic Kitten. Download It and Stuck In The Middle are such great classy pop songs. Why they didn't release The Lie instead of their two tacky last singles is beyond me.

John said...

Has anyone here heard the Uniting Nations mix of Lucky Like That? If they'd released that, it would've gone Top 5. One of the most brilliant remixes I've heard in a while. It's like a Eurovision track, all fast and dancey, instead of the crap CD version of the song...