Key songs to check out:

The Way(The Radio Song)

Sing To Me


Almost Had It All

River Of Love

And now for something completely different. DSTP has very rarely veered away from poptastic acts despite seeking out music from Ghana to Finland and beyond. However today we're venturing somewhere we've never really gone before. I do hope you like this little deviation.

There are times when an act fails to set the chart alight and your heart cries on their behalf especially when so many get away with so little and go so far. Today's act is one of those artists that makes you weep a thousands tears, move mountains, sends your nervous system into shock and taps into anger ever so deep when you find out she's without representation. Her name is Dana Glover. I feel quite strange sharing her with others as her music is so special and so few appear to have heard of her but to me but she;s the reason why I started this blog so here goes...

She comes from 'down-south' America and started as a model. But with the lungs of Aretha and the sax talents of the greats she was soon snapped up by DreamWorks who locked her into a contract without doing anything with her. Her first few baby steps into the world of music saw her doing backing vocals and adding a song to the Shrek soundtrack however in reality the record company had no idea what to do with her.  She couldnt be dropped on the country market nor could she get played on the urban radio stations. Apparently, her demographic was "gone with the twinkle of the eye".

Talk about sitting on a oil wasnt before long other record companies brought out their Katie Melua's, Norah Joneses, Anastacias, Kelly Clarksons and Joss Stones and in a panic DreamWorks rushed out Dana's Testimony LP. However the cd was lost amongst those other girls and it wasnt long before she was dumped. Yet, Dana Glover's talent soars way above those aforementioned acts. Not only does she write all the songs, play every instrument you hear on the record but her vocals have to heard to be believed. Please please please if you like what hear support this wonderful, amazing and struggling act by purchasing her stunning debut Testimony here.

Also check out her rather cute brother who is just as talented as his sister at his myspace. He has the kinda voice that makes you dream of cotton candy and wedding days.

Small description of the songs up I suggest you download today:

The Way(The Radio Song): This song is about the total crap on the radio. This includes shout-outs to Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Al Green, Chaka and Aretha. Includes absolutely brilliant vocals from Dana Glover. If the world was perfect this song would be a radio hit.

Sing To Me: This is not on some versions of Testimony so its quite rare. It was originally written for Madonna's sequel to Ray Of Light but she wanted a different kinda sound and Music happened. Dana Glover hooks up with Patrick Leonard on this chilling and electronic aria.

Testimony: The title track from her first and, so far only, album. Recalls early Dolly Parton and is quite honkytonk pop. Takes ya to a church somewhere in Alabama even if you live in Liverpool or London. Contains a climax that I've never heard put to music. Its like Dana's vocals and the instruments are having a huge orgy. Check out the wild piano solo & clap ya hands sista's!

River Of Love: Talk about cheesy lyrics yet this song is a revelation. You think its a typical country/western/spit/in/the/bucket track when it starts but then it evolves into a grin-a-second epic love song.

Almost Had It All: Slowing it down now but this is a ballad of epic proportions. Yes it doesnt start off so huge but it builds and builds just as the woman recalls the broken promises and insults of an man who as she says almost had it all...


Sleami said...

Thank You so much for the detailed post. I can now introduce her to others and will sound as if I was the one that found out about her on my own. (i wont take credit) I like her very much. Thank you for helping me start my weekend!

Paul said...

me likey - how did i not know about this woman? Although her name does ring a bell... hmmm maybe i am thinking of danny glover which is really a totally different kettle of fish. Hope you are enjoying your weekend Mr Pop!

maarten said...

Hi, I didn't know how to contact you, so I'll try it this way.. I love don't stop the pop, and i recently started my own pop/mediablog
I'd like us to exchange links so more people will discover both blogs,if you're interested please mail me! (

Poster Girl said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on this post yet...but, since two of you are gone, hopefully that won't matter too much :)

I am loving Dana Glover--I had heard her on the Shrek soundtrack before, but so many soundtrack artists seem to be one-offs that I had never looked beyond that...she just has this voice that can bring tears to your eyes...

(I've loved John Glover since you all posted about him earlier; "Underground" and "Take It To The Top" just have this hint of magic around them, as do all of his songs, really. I may use the word "gorgeous" too often, but his songs truly deserve it.)

Timon said...

I've got in contact with Dana's manager of Stuart Ditsky's business management, Los Angeles. Although there's not a clear releasedate (yet), he confirmed Dana is working on some new studio material

Timon (pumbaa1979 AT