ROBYN With Every Heartbeat-song of the year

Whilst this blogs' main players are off galivanting around the globe I thought it was my duty to come by on the account of the excitement surrounding the return of Robyn outside her domestic market. She's back with an EP, tour, collaborations with Basement Jaxx and a new studio album all for us UK pop sluts. For months Robyns return has been in the works and now it seems with places like Popjustice recieving goodies in the post its actually happening. Hopefully DontStopthepop will be able to be the place to bring you all the hot news, promo details, album news and tour dates.

DontStopThePop has a very special place in its huge heart for Robyn. It was here where many a new or unreleased Robyn track was premiered. You heard the sublime Christian Falk collaboration Dream On first here. The album from which that single was taken from, People Say, was finally released in Sweden & has got the blog SoundsofSweden in a fluster. Check out yet another People Say Robyn/Christian collab, C.C.C, over at SOS now(check the links to the right).

While there hasnt been an Robyn album this year her fans have been kept busy with new material in the form of collaborations. We've had the aforementioned Christian Falk stuff, girliestyle/cobrastyle with Teddybears and of course Basement Jaxx who plan to release the Robyn track, Hey You, next year. All of which is very good...

...But alas, With Every Heartbeat is the best thing shes done this year. Yes better than Dream On, Girliestyle, Hey You and CCC. Rob might disagree but i think it might be the best thing shes ever recorded. And we, I, hope you like it too.

Alas, DontStopthePop has had this track for some time but with the immanent return to the UK its time to celebrate and crack open the fine wine. When Rob is back he'll answer any questions you might have regarding it as I have no idea when it was recorded, what its for and who it was produced by. All I know is that theres a Teddybears connection, it was recorded this year and I don't think it was ever meant to be an Robyn release. Like with the Clea track this will be available for a very limited time so act quick.

Words: Robyn, stars, glimmer, dreams, electro hopes, cyber cotton cand, Moroder, Light Years


xolondon said...

Gorgeous. Major coup for this blog! Huzzah!

Anonymous said...


PinkieDust said...

Damn, there are like 500 downloads of this track and only 3 comments. Damn rude if you ask me. This is such a good song. So thanks for sharing it. I reviewed ya blog on mine. Steve its nice to see you back on blogworld.

chaos_lad said...

Thank you for hosting this. Its beyond words for me, truly an uplifting and beautiful track!

Anonymous said...

how did u get hold of this track?
it´s being released in january.
the guy who posted it can get the first copy when it´s released but it´s not so good people can download it now.
hope u understand.
love that u like it.

fredrikskogkvist said...

i just shot a video for this song, robyn is not in it but it's going to rock your f-kn socks of

and look for mr. kleerup as he is going to take over the world


spread the world

Trevor said...

I didn't see a link to download but you can hear the track on Kleerup's MySpace site:

Robpop said...

A number of things

-This track shouldnt have been uploaded. Steve has been bitch slapped.

-Its a stunning track

-Isnt Robyn amazing?

-Thanks for the review pinkie

-ChaosLad, its not that uplifting really. Quite depressing non?

quincy said...

AMAZING TRACK!! LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH. I would pay $20 for this track!!!!