Despite the album cover to the left...Perfect Storm has never EVER been released in any format in ANY country so enjoy:

I'm Not-The lead-off track from Perfect Storm. Uses tons of instruments. Sounds a bit like the lively moments from Will Young/Christina Aguilera most recent records and a bit Kelly Clarkson at times. NEVER RELEASED or AVAILABLE ONLINE UNTIL NOW! Click this

Believe-Beautiful song that has a melody/beat that would shockingly reappear on Madonna's Don't Tell Me! From Perfect Storm, NEVER RELEASED or AVAILABLE ONLINE UNTIL NOW! Click This

Shut Your Mouth(Album version)-"Soaring&rocking" song that was picked to be the second single from Perfect Storm. Far better than the single version. I can see Beverley Knight covering this sublime track with brilliant results. NEVER RELEASED or AVAILABLE ONLINE UNTIL NOW! Click This

Pull Up To The Bumper
-Yes its really a cover of the Grace Jones classic. The girls do quite good. This was also made available as a b-side to their single Dirty Water. Click This

Satisfaction-Another rare track but not on UK "release" of Perfect Storm but on my Japanese promo. A storming rock track that has a killer chorus. Also available as a b-side to their second single Shut Your Mouth. Click this

So I'm back from my holidays. Its 2007 already! Well nearly. Who'd have thought it? Which means Christmas is about to rear its ugly head and we'll do a Christmas special soon in true camp style. So now to todays artists. Infront of my love of Robyn is Made In London which I think were sadly robbed of fame despite having some great music, lungs and production around them. Now their gentle mix between rnb, pop and rock is nothing special but in 2000 it was unheard of. Spice Girls were Hollering-Hollering while All Saints didnt know where to go. Sugababes, also a threesome like Made In London, were just sending out promo's for their rnb-lite debut One Touch which despite getting great feedback looked like it would flop. There was another 3 girl group called Kick Angel in 2000-which we will feature soon-but they were a bit too softcore to even get past their debut single. Made In London looked to be next big thing. Their sound was unique, they wrote their album and they looked every much the logical 3rd way to All Saints and Spice Girls.

After the chilling first single Dirty Water, came the second Shut Your Mouth. Both of which have all been featured here. But now to their ultra rare unreleased album Perfect Storm. I have a Japanese promo copy that came with 5 bonus tracks. Much of it sounds like a cross between Mania, the second album from All Saints and the sensitive moments on Girls Aloud records. Its such a shame that this album will never get to see the light of day cos its one of my favourites. If you like what you hear and want more I'd monitor this website. Sadly you want find Perfect Storm at places like Amazon....

So today I wanna say thanks to Made In London. They produced some great music and were just way before their time. Now most pop bands/acts have dropped the discopop(for Atomic Kitten) possibility for the poprock route(see P!nk, McFly, Frank, Kelly Clarkson Girls Aloud, Busted). Raise your glass for Made Of London. Now they'd be huge. Girls you were great and recorded the soundtrack of my mid-teens. Thanks!

Words: fierce, 3 girlbands, rock, pop, soul, withdrawn, unreleased, dontstopthepopspecials


PinkieDust said...

OOAAAAHRRRRRR!!! RAR! Rob have you got the album version of Dirty Water? Is there a chance allowing a poor unfortunate soul like me having a listen to it? I'd love 2 hear it..

Paul said...

viva your return - never heard of this band before but am ploughing through the songs now and am liking what i hear. Hope you had some super travels :)

Robpop said...

Great travels. I wanna go again!Ella the Danish Fella will be with us in November. She had to return to denmark due to some family issues(I think they want to give her away to some Malawian pop singer but its all hush hush at the moment)

So made In London. Yes, Pinkie. I'll email them over to ya tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say, this HAS been online before. About a year ago... and the album is on eBay quite a bit too. I got mine for 1.99!

Robpop said...

Hi. Anon..Yes, ebay but actually its pretty rare. I've seen it on ebay selling for a whopping 150 quid as the reserve(so you got really lucky)

Oh and where was it online? I've not seen it but i might have just missed it. It often gets confused with the other girlband Madasun which i failed to mention in the main thread.

PinkieDust said...

Ah Madasun! They had a song about water didnt they? Thanks for this Robpop. This totally rocks.

B said...

I can't seem to get I'm Not to download properly, I've tried it three times, and each time, I'm left with a file that's 0 KB. Any suggestions?

J'ason D'luv said...

RobPop, we missed your House Of Pussy! Glad you're back, bad ass strippa!


Anonymous said...

I'm very late in finding out about this so thanks for the info... is there any chance that the tracks could be re-uploaded please. Many thanks and no worries if you can't!

Anonymous said...

Could anyone please send me all of Made In London tracks? I loved the singles back in 2000, would love to hear the album
Lee xx