We're approaching the end of the year which can mean only thing...GREATEST HITS collections clogging up ya Cd rack! Its nearly a year since this place came to be & we've had a ball doing it. Over the time, we've had requests from those who simply missed out hearing the selections so this post is about going through our archives and slipping into them once more. These tracks define the reason why this place exists.....

Follow You Follow Me by Sonny featuring Tara

We covered this lovely bunch in March 2006. That seems such a decade ago! Anyway, this is the only time Phil Collins has ever seemed cool. Tara is now scientist or geologist. Pretty cool dontcha think? Buy here

Loves Gone Mad by Optimystic

Much has been said of Deuce, Steps and Scooch but it was Optimystic that was the mixed-gender band with cheesy tunes of the 1990's. This band bombed harder than all the aforementioned acts but they did release an ultra rare and poptastic album through an Florida-based record company despite only ever releasing singles in the UK. The men were rather cute too. I think they were from Manchester too. Buy here

Don't Place Nice by Verbalicious

Keeping the spirits of Wannabe and nearly everything by Betty Boo, Verbalicious and her Don't Place Nice made us all very excited. Despite a pretty good chart placing with this and recording an album called Verbal Issues she found herself on one of the worst record labels ever... AATW....Buy here

Life is So Strong by Sharon Williams

This was the very FIRST song ever uploaded on DontStopthePop. It completely gives Kylie's Your Disco Needs You a run for its money. The gayest thing since bumming was invented. Buy here

I Love Your Sushi by Daphne & Celeste

These girl's are still marauding the internet with their myspace flirtations and off-off Broadway productions. Which is nice. Buy here

Let's Get It Started by All Saints

This was requested by one of our readers and seeing All Saints are back in the charts we thought it would be prescient to revisit the 11 year old band with one of their first singles. Buy here

Play Boy Play by Ann Winsborn

We adore everything Swedish here at DontStopthePop. And we love Ann Winsborn whose albums always sound like the poptastical offsprings of Kylie's Fever. We loaded Play Boy Play in March 2006. Sounds a bit like a Cascada/Infernal track. Europop at its finest. Buy here

Underground Disco by Duke

Much has been made of gay electrorock duos but the first out there was Duke who are quite big in Japan. Forget Switch22, Duke taught those boyz everything they knew. Buy here

Speechless by Mish Mash

When Ella loaded this during our Danskepop season, it recieved loads of positive feedback. Now that Kylie is working with Kasper of MishMash we thought we should go back to this dancepop classic. Buy here

My Island Home by Christina Anu

Requested by many of our readers during our OzPop season. Christina Anu you might remember was one of the whores in the movie Moulin Rouge. This is one of my favourite songs ever to come out of Australia. Buy here

That Woman Is Me by Robyn

This song was considered lost. Now its found. It has never ever been released on a Robyn cd of any format. Consider it an unreleased gem from the period in-between Robyn is Here and her second album My Truth. Also posted in prep for Robyns return to UK shores! DontStopthepop adores Robyn. Throughout our tenure as bloggers we've done a number of Robyn specials where you can get all your, mostly unreleased, Robyn gems here and here. Buy here

Boobs by Ruth Wallis

Doris Day on ACID. Her lyrics caused so much controversary the FBI begun to build a case against her that would eventually lead to her being portrayed as a Communist spy. These plans never came forward but it just goes to show that Eminem and his ilk really are nothing new. Or rather, in the geneology of pop music, Ruth stands over Madonna and that aforementioned rapper as the true original fire starter. Buy here

Radio Star by Tara Blaise

Anthemic soul muzak with traces of electro and guitar pop. Tara is the best thing out of the Irish music scene since Six...Buy here

Let Me Be The One by Six

This band originally included Nadine of Girls Aloud but she was too smelly so they kicked her out. Produced by Waterman, Six promised to take over from Steps as the camp-as-christmas pop group but after producing just one album they bowed out in true TV-reality pop band style. If you have Marie's new single OxyGen you will hear very similar backing vocals...Buy here

Struggle by Ringside

Wins best ever lyric written: "milk the milk boy you just might get some insight". Yes the boys are holding hands. Yes they are American. One of them used to design clothes for Gwen Stefani. Mega-Kudos. Buy here

PopStar-Single mix by Jon

We love this tune. It was part of Danksepop celebration. Written by Robyn and originally by Sita. This one includes some great lyrical changes so just pips the Dutch version. Also Jon is rather cute. Buy here

Hot Gossip:

-The return of Kylie!!!! These two pics are from Decs issue of Vogue-which Kylie appears in next month-are rather sublime! Kylie is back. I totally feel the fever. Pass me lem-sip!

-If you check out your CD sleeve of the recent Scissor Sisters album Ta-Dah just examine the man on the right. He's a very famous gay porn star. His name is Lukas Ridgeston(google him, this is a clean site!). I find it interesting no one has realised this yet?

-See Kylie dance to the Scissor Sisters on their official website Here.

-Ella's Danish parents have given her away to a Malawian superstar called Veronica Sully. Heat has already bought the exclusive rights to the first interview. Still, it beats getting a face-lift or being kidnapped by a strange Austrian for 8 years.

Blog Overview

-Pinkie of PopEatsPop stripped off which led J'ason of excellent ChartRigger to recall the back pages of Attitude. I sadly missed the cutest blogger of all whore himself. Oh well. He gave us a brilliant review and has now gone on to feature three excellent updates which, well quite frankly, puts us all to shame. He's making some blog-gold. Not to be missed.

-Paul at Zappin' is branching out like a Ivy all over your garden wall. The Zapping is not to be missed. He also attended a function where the waiters wore next to nothing. Its nice to see trends filter up to the midlands. Some time ago I attended a dress-up party in East London that had hired the original 'bare-butlers' on their very first job. It was a night of shocking revelations and dirty giggles. Here are some pics of the said event.

Note how we've all cornered the butler...I'm in both pics so you'll have to guess which one is moi! Although, only in one can you see all of me...It was an amazing night. I ended up in a hospital bed the next day though.

-Those naughty mints at OxygenChunks have the very fab Cd2 of the new Greatest Hits by Girls Aloud.

-Grab the brilliant Melissa Lefton LP(unreleased!) over at Tip Top Pop. So good it hurts. I just wish it was updated more though.

Coming up: more great pop and DontStopThePops very first Christmas special!


Poster Girl said...

Ooo, I love this post--I missed out on so much good stuff from when DSTP started! I just heard "Follow You, Follow Me" on another site, and I love it...raps should always sound like that and have to be in a song that poppy :) At the moment, I'm really liking "Radio Star." Thanks for the catch-up!

Paul said...

i thought i had commented on this and i hadn't! how very rude of me. needless to say its a marv post and i look forward to many more greatest hits :)

Robpop said...

thanks poster! You might like Verbalicious then!

Thanks paul! I just ranted on your blog. Forgive me.

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, scary--I was coming over here to say that I'd been listening to "Don't Play Nice" on repeat today, even before reading that! Bizarre...or you're just really good at predicting people's taste in music :)

PinkieDust said...

Hmmm, thanks for the pure gold comment. Not sure about the whore malarky tho.

J'ason D'luv said...

Rob, what's with all the self-deprecation, both here and on Paul's site? I really like this site and it's usually sassy attitude.

buff said...

WOW, that was a lot of info. Really big hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing all the information. A super blog