With Every HeartBeat-Punks Jump Up Remix

With Every Heartbeat-Rory Phillips Mix

Despite being our girlband season, DontStopthePop breaks the tradition for one act and that is Robyn. With the video done the single has been treated to some wonderful mixes. A few weeks ago we treated ya to a snippet of the Meatboys version of the epic pop song & that has since leaked on Sounds of Sweden. Now we bring two other Robyn/KleerUp exclusives...this is all in preparation of DontStopthePops January transformation into DontStopRobyn: A site dedicated to celebrating the last ten years of Robyns music magic & beyond.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Robyn is returning to perform in London. This time however its big. Its a full show. Its a concert darlings! Huge eh? This is so hot-news her official website doesnt seem to be saying dip all about it. This is what i know and can say: Robyn will perform a proper full set show on March 2nd in central London. Tickets are priced at an amazing snip of a stub at £6 and by tomorrow i should be able to bring you more details(like where to buy tickets, venue and so on). Keep that date CLEAR in ya diaries please.

In the meantime buy the Robyn/KleerUp single here(buy it bitches!)

We do hope you've enjoyed the first year of DontStopthePop, the Robynspecials, the danskpop, the girlbands, the ozpops, the disco shame, the poptrash fame and so on. No end of year lists for this blog. But you can find brilliant rundowns of 2006 at here, here and here. Next up is Girlbands Down Under and following that will be, yes you guessed it, more girlbands!


Paul said...

i am just starting my Robyn education thanks to you so expect lots of comments in the coming weeks :)

J'ason D'luv said...

Love this song, and happy holidays!

Trash Addict said...

Rob, is "With Every Heartbeat" only available on vinyl? Any plans for a CD single?

Anonymous said...

This track is excellent... so is the clip! I hope it gets the success it deserves in 2007!

J'ason D'luv said...

Happy New Year!

Robpop said...

happy new year sweetie

PinkieDust said...

happy new year

Adrian said...

I'm looking forward to hearing some of her older stuff. I have Robyn is Here but didn't rate it very much - but I understand Don't Stop The Pop is tiptop excellent.

Anonymous said...

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