Things coming up

-The next episode of our journey into the mystic and often confused realm of Girlband Land....will bounce into bands named after film sirens, appeared in soaps and shared the stage with Britney Spears. Yes...the next lot will be from down under. The Queen of the Enchanted Woods Geoginah Michaela once wrote 'you gotta get to get down' but she was sadly too busy making grass stains on those elbows to realise that you gotta go down under before you can ever contemplate the top. So to Australia-NZ we go!

-Next month Robyn plans to release quite a few singles. Like children we don't have favourites but we are rather fond of her collaboration with KleerUp With Every Heartbeat which you can already buy here. The brilliant video by Fredrik Skogvist is complete and can be seen here. He also directed her other recent singles and the Christian Falk epic track Dream On.

-As we love Robyn soooo much DontStopThePop will evolve into DontStopRobyn with nearly all posts dedicated to herself and her music. Hopefully we'll have testimonials from fans and perhaps an exclusive goody or two. This is all in line to celebrate Robyn's first proper single UK release in January...the polemical Konichiwa Bitches. With the video in the can we can reveal that Robyn has re-recorded the song and very special remixes have been comissioned. Theres also rather exciting album news but we'll leave that for another date.


Ro Ro said...

YaY i love this blog u rock and i'm so excited bout your robyn posts coming up! work it

Poster Girl said...

Aahh! I'm still working my way through the latest girl bands! But I'm more than ready for some Robyn :) With so many girl bands, it always takes me forever to listen to all of comments are often a while in coming :) I love the Passion Fruit song at the moment, though!

PinkieDust said...

cant wait!

Mandy said...

I'm so happy to post my tribute to her here!! Will definitely write something as well. From one diehard fan to another! Peace!

-Mandy Daniels

Anonymous said...

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