"Dear Robpop! Thank you for your concern! We are OK. We can't talk about it right now, but hopefully very soon. We're very sorry we've been away for so long, but there is an explanation. We can't wait to see all of you again! Spread the word... Keep checking out the website...Soon...

Love and kisses from Pay-tv"

Are we Excited! Oh Yes!!!

-I am very much heals over head with the girlband DeadDoginBlackBag. Mainly the tracks Love Meat and Boys In Bands.

-In other somewhat related news...The girlband post below is finally complete. The outstanding tracks by Melodi Brown, Orchid and so on are all now available for a very short time.

-Exclusive: Princess Kylie finally takes her crown and is proclaimed Queen Kylie

-I am off to Paris (Disney Land) for my birthday on Monday.

-Should this blog lose the mp3's? Are they that important? Check out the highly interesting debate regarding pop blogs, the music industry and the use of the internet on the PopJustice messageboard.

-I was drinking next to Matt Willis of Busted fame this thursday past. He has a nice bum. See more on YouCallThatLife.

-Two of Kylie's dancers were at The Sanderson bar last night. They looked better than they did on stage. No fair! One is also on the front cover of Gay Times this month.

-Getting serious Zapping withdrawal symptoms. Come back soon Paul!

-Highlight of the month? Going to Disney? Seeing Kylie? No! Winning the Take That Greatest Hits Cd courtesy of ChartRigger. They heard my screams from Space.

-How many times can one play the Space Kylie section from Homecoming before one starts to want to watch Dr.Who episodes that feature the Cyberman? Answer: 90.

-DigitalTech has bought himself a brand new face.

-Thanks to Ilias, Steve(happy birthday dahling), Mandy, Morgan, Leo, Chris, Junia, JayJay, Robyn, Felix, Mia, Elle, Ella, Andreas and Sharon for all ya pre-birthday parties+dinners+drinkies this week. Ya'll stars and I had so much fun! Bring on the Disney crew!


Ella Thorvaldsen said...

-Happy Birthday DSTP/Bobb(aha!)

-Reply to my emails bitch

-Sort out NYC/Summer with J. I have a Brownstone waiting to be lived in. Need to confirm it by Monday.

-Have fun with Paris and Disney :-)

Paul said...

yeah reply to her emails bitch! Don't keep Ella waiting ;)

loving the Pay tv email - blogger to the stars that you are.

panic over - i'm back!

Anonymous said...

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