GIRLBANDS FROM 75-126!! HUGE UPDATE!!!-Finished Finally!

75. NonStop (Portugal)

NonStop will go down in history for releasing the tracks that Spice Girls rejected when they recorded their 3rd album in the US. They've also recorded Billie, Girl Thing and Gary Barlow cast-offs. Most will remember the girls as a foursome for their Abbatastic performance at Eurovision last year but I'll always hold their 00 albums as hints to the albums we never got from Spice Girls, Girl Things and Billie. Take for example their Ao Limite Eu Vou hit single. Not only is it just poptastic but it was written by Ms. Piper who for some weird reason felt it shouldn't be on her albums. Thankfully NonStop realised it was brilliant and recorded their version!

Ao Limite En Vou/Misbehavin'-written by Billie Piper! [mp3]
English version [mp3]

76. TikTak (Finland)

Crossing in-between rock and disco the Finnish girlband release some of the greatest electro-rock to come out of Scandanavia. Their sales are huge. Bigger than huge. When you listen to Sankaritar (Heroine in English) you can understand why. The hard electro rifts wouldn't go amiss on a Blondie album whilst the soft lyrics somehow transcend the need to actually understand language. Poppostergirl loves the band...

Kids In America [mp3]
Sankaritar [mp3]
Heilutaan [mp3]
Jää [mp3]

77. Jane (Finland)

Staying in Finland Janes' VIP was one of my overplayed songs of 2006. It nearly made the selections for Eurovision but sadly the result of the Popstars tv show never passed the semi-finals. Its very hard to place Jane. Is it rock? Is it disco? Is that an eighties keyboard? Is that an sitar?

V.I.P [mp3]

78. DiaDems (France)

Heading over to France yet staying in Popstar-land DSTP reveals the sublime girlband that was Diadems. If Diadems were to L5 what the Preluders were to No Angels you kinda get the short history of Diadems without me actually having to write about them. All I'll say is they released one album and failed to reach the high positions of their big sister band L5. Encore however was a brilliant poprock single and they really deserved to do a bit better. Perhaps the rock was to heavy seeing as L5 were too pop. Maybe they should have involved a bit more dance to their sound like Girls Aloud did...Oh and Broke Hogan covered one of their better album tracks.

Encore [mp3]

79. Boy Krazy (US)

When Bananarama, Sonia and Kylie left PWL the record company probably thought of creating a product that combined all of the aforementioned acts in one poptastic girlband. Oddly they never released their strongest track On A Wing A Prayer and it remains one of those unreleased gems. Oh well. Their one and only album is a must for anyone with an interest in owning slice of pop bliss.

On A Wing And A Prayer [mp3]

80. The Whyte Boots (US)

"GET HER GET HER!! PUSH HER TO THE GROUND!"...Lets head over to the 1960s now. The three girls - Rhonda Copland, Page Miller and Kathy Francis might have fronted the band...but the Whyte Boots did not exist! Well they did and yet they didn't. They were a construct of the Brill Building hit girls Lori Burton and Pam Sawyer - writers of hits for the likes of The YoungRascals and a slew of Motown acts. They were among the few female writers who produced and arranged their own acts. In the wake of their having written some chartbusters and the newsworthy scandal over "Nightmare", Mercury decided to give Lori and Pam a chance. And boy was it fabulous. Check out the bitchslapping on Nightmare. This is a girlband must. Forget Wannabe and No Scrubs: its all about the Whyte Boots.

Nightmare [mp3]

81. 3rd Faze (US)

Who? Sounding like Wild Orchid and Britneys first album 3rd Faze located their sound in-between pop and rnb. There is very little online about the group but they are pleasant, sweet and cute.

Go Slow [mp3]

82. Gimmel (Finland)

Now to the Finnish group Gimmel. If you liked TikTake and Jane you'll absolutely adore Gimmel. They were the product of the Popstars show and their sales throughout their career were huge. Bouncing between bubblegum rock and Gary Numan Gimmel are DSTP favourites. Formed out of Popstars the band originally had a 4th member, Jonna, but Jonna left the band almost right away because there were some disagreement between girls.

Yhdentekevää [mp3]
Oit Jonkin Toison [mp3]
Lentoon [mp3]

83. Nobody's Angel (US)

From wikipedia: Nobody's Angel were an American pop girl group of the late 1990's. The group consisted of members Ali Navarro, Stacey Harper, Amy Sue Hardy and Sarah Smith.

Let's Get Together [mp3]

84. InDica (Finland)

It would seem we're bouncing between the U.S and Finland today! Indica are a five-piece girlband hailing from Finland and are snuggled in-between rock and pop. They've even covered The Bangles (legend girlband!) huge hit single Eternal Flame with a batch of other Finnish girlbands and a few male acts too.

Pidä Kädestä [mp3]
Vuorien Taa [mp3]
Eternal Flame-Charity single with other Finnish girlbands and boybands [mp3]

85. S.H.E (Taiwan)

Much has been made of the many covers of the pop track Cinderella by Play, Tata Young, I5, and of course The Cheetah Girls but you can add another version by another girlband to that list. S.H.E hail from Taiwan and are huge in China.

Ban Tang Zhu Yi/Cinderella [mp3]

86. Innosense (US)

This is the girlband that Britney Spears was in before heading off to Sweden to record Baby One More Time. This group initially started with a casting call headed by manager, Ms.Lynn and Transcon CEO and founder Louis J. Pearlman. Nikki Deloach and ex-mmc member Britney Spears were first casted. As a recommendation from NSYNC's Lance Bass and Joey Fatone, Mandy Ashford and Danay Ferrer soon joined the group along with former member Amanda Latona. Just before recording began Britney decided to venture off into a solo career. To scramble to find a 5th member the girls ran into Veronica Finn who had been a friend of Justin Timberlake. For the next year and half Innosense began to rehearse, record and tour. Their first single Wherever You Are was released while the girls were opening up for DJ BoBo in Germany. Then in December of that same year, Amanda announced that she would leave the group with no explanation made to the public. After a series of spats and more departures the band called it a day. I absolutely love This is It! Pure pop bliss!

This Is It [mp3]

87. Mary Jane Girls (US)

With song titles as LeatherQueen, Mary Jane Girls will go down in girlband infamy! This band really should be in the girlband legend section but their Candy Man track is playing non-stop in my ipod at the moment so I wanted to deal with them now. They were formed from the brains of funk legend Rick James and hit the big times with their single In My House. However songs like Boys and All Night Long have become classics in their own right. In fact the latter track has been heavily sampled mainly by rnb acts with Mary J Blige being the most famous fan. Trivia: Kylie "covered" Candy Man on her Rhythm of Love LP but renamed it Always Find The Time.

Candy Man [mp3]
Leather Queen [mp3]

88. Vanity6 (US)

Now to their rival girlband! Vanity6 were formed under the auspices of Prince! Being a super trio they only managed one album but what an album! It included titled Wet Dream and He's So Dull! Their key-note single Nasty Girl has been covered a number of times and has even be "interpolated" by Beyonce on her tour. Their bitchfest that is If the Girl Answers needs to be heard to be believed! To me it sounds like huge telephone argument between a gay boy and a girl whose man has drifted into the hands of the former.

If The Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up!) [mp3]
Nasty Girl [mp3]

89. Wild Orchid (US)

Sounding very much like an American take on Eternal who themselves were a British take on En Vogue, Wild Orchid were four girls with big big voices. One of those included a rather pure, innocent and clean Stacy Ferguson (who later redubbed herself Fergie when she joined Black Eyed Peas). Wild Orchid were brilliant! Originating out of Kids Incorporated they lasted for 14 years releasing four albums. They also recorded a huge number of tracks that will never see the of day. Apparently Stacy left Wild Orchid because of the heavy drug abuse she endured during her time within the band. The record company are planning to release a batch of cds to cash-in on Fergie's huge success while with BEP and as a solo star.

Talk To Me [mp3]
Our Lips Our Sealed [mp3]

90. Melodi Brown (UK)

Melodi Brown recorded a number of pop songs that later became hit songs for other acts. Do Something and DJ by Britney and Jamelia are two respective examples. Somewhat like Orchid this girlband didnt actually get to release anything other than some club tracks on 12". Polydor does love to spend a lot of money and then piss it away on shelving projects.

Skin [mp3]
(Source GirlsOnPop)

91. Kick Angel (UK)

Another British girlband that barely made a blip in pop world but our huge DSTP favourites! Sounding like an acoustic Sugababes the trio came from the label that brought us Eternal and the Honeyz. They released but two singles (I Don't Care and Misunderstood) but they were expected to be the next big thing. Articles in trendy mags such as Dazed and Confused hailed them as the future of pop! Sadly it wasn't to be...

Coffee [mp3]

92. Hepsi (Turkey)

Hepsi mark our first Turkish girlband and in fact the first act to come from Turkey to feature on this blog. Since arriving only two years ago they've released two studio albums and huge cd sales. Their brilliant first English-language single Bad Penny is ready to be released outside of Turkey and is getting very good airplay in Germany. "Here's my greedy kitten" indeed!

A Bad Penny [mp3]
TikTak [mp3]

93. Personelle (UK)

Another failed British failed pop band! Again its another trio! Personelle hold a very special place in my heart for they interrupted double science when they visited my school. I was 13 and fell in love with the girls. I even pinched their bottoms and for that I was one of 52 who bought their poptastic first single Nearly Missed Your Love. Sadly this flopped but they regrouped and ended up in spandex with their sexed-up single On The Rebound. Which also sank without a trace. The video saw them jumping up and down somewhere outside LA.

Good Together [mp3]

94. Belle Stars (UK)

Sounding somewhat like a bubbegum take on Grace Jones The Belle Stars were an London-based girlband formed in 1980. My mum loved them. In the month I was born, January 1983, the Belle Stars released what would be their signature single, Sign Of The Times that peaked at number three. It would take some six years later until they hit the U.S charts with Iko Iko. They were Dustin Hoffmans favourite band and were even included one of their singles on his soundtracks. It is their cover of Shirley Ellis' The Clapping Song that I absolutely adore. They've only released three L.P's and two of those were greatest hits collections. Tis a shame as they are pretty damn poptastic!

Sign Of The Times [mp3]

95. Honey Couture (UK)

And to brand new British girlband. Honey Couture mark our first of two new bands in this collection of groups with tits. I'm sure I've read Paul of The Zapping talk about this band but the blog is currently giving me 502 Server Error so i can't sure about that. Coming from my home city of Liverpool (yes) Honey Couture are one of many exciting bands that just could make it in 2007. With beautiful harmonies and an excellent production its the ode about Myspace and online dating that is getting all the attention. Yes it sounds very similar to the modus operandi of Download It by Clea but that necessarily aint a bad thang is it now!

To Your Place [mp3]

95. Amazulu (UK)

Amazulu were a British ska band of the 1980's who were the rivals of The Belle Stars. Originally starting off as a bunch of girls+1 boy the band were moved from record company to record company. With the departure of the male element they were signed and released their classic track Too Good To Be Forgotten which went to no.5 in the UK. In the US it was another track taken from their one and only album that made the charts (Montego Bay). Island Music were pleased about the success of the girlband but things seemed to have fizzled out and they vanished without a trace.

Too Good To Be Forgotten [mp3]

96. Choice (US)

Choice was the girlband the star P!NK cut her mustard before reaching superstar status as the solo star that she is now. It was during the promotion of the one and only single Key To My Heart that Alecia Moore (P!NK) was noticed and the rest is history. Choice recorded a number of faux-Mary J Blige rejects before separating and going to pastures anew. Everyone knows about their most famous former bandmember but another singer from the group, Chrissy, joined ZoeGirl (see below) and achieved success in her own right.

Key To My Heart [mp3]

97. ZoeGirl (US)

Er. Consisting of one member who used to sing with Pink, ZoeGirl released some great pop music in their six years of existing as a band (they split up last year). Concentrating mainly on the Christian demographic the band did very well. Whatever your opinion on religion, the music they recorded was actually above par compared to a lot of theological-tinted music out there. Highly recommended if your a fan of Kelly Clarkson, Eye-Q and The Veronicas.

Dismissed [mp3]

98. Bad Candy (The Netherlands)

Talking of which, Bad Candy have worked with The Veronicas but don't hold that against them. Coming from The Netherlands Bad Candy were stunning and had some excellent lyrics. Soundwise they were very similar to girlband icons Shampoo. This band were well aware that poprock could also be incredibly catchy when it could be. Their track Girlfriend is a testament to that fact. I'm also sure they were the first band to record/release That's What Girls Do but if your a No Secrets fan just get in touch and rectify the error.

That's What Girls Do [mp3]
Girlfriend [mp3]

99. Centerfold (The Netherlands)

As you can see from the above picture CenterFold were three sluts with a capital pop! Released in 1987 their one and only single sounds very fresh considering what else was being put out the same time. To me this sounds somewhat similar to an eighties disco mix of Kylies Slow. Playing on the dirty similarity to the male sexual organ DICTator was a huge hit in Europe and too right! Its literally pining for one of those Eric Prydz type remixes...

Dictator [mp3]

100. Dolly Dots (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands have produced a number of great girlbands and it all seems to start with the Dolly Dots. Modeled on the cartoon-pop idol band Jem and the Holograms Dolly Dots released some of the best European pop music since ABBA. Songs like Radio and What A Night! are up there with Gimmie Gimmie A Man After Midnight, Winner Takes It All and Dancing Queen. Love Me Just A Little More is a must to anyone who loves great pop music. It references Motown, ABBA and Northern Soul so what else could one ask for? One of the best girlbands the world has seen!

Love Me Just A little More [mp3]
Radio [mp3]

101. Viva! (India)

Viva! are the result of the PopStars when the New Zealand show arrived in India. Consisting of Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, Anushka Manchanda and Mahua Kamat Viva! had absolutely huge sales in India. Although the figures are pretty rough to confirm it is implied on their fansites that Viva! have outsold Spice Girls and Destinys Child put together! This is only because of immense domestic market that is the Indian music industry. Jaa Sakhte Ho deserves its own exclamation mark! It is something that Max Martin would be proud of. Once you get over the sublime prose the song is energetic, bouncy and somewhat like Mel B singing her wild rants on Wannabe. Don't ever say DontStopthePop isn't international in its look at pop music.

Jaa Sakhte Ho [mp3]

102. Juice (Denmark)

From India we now turn to Denmark. For some reason Denmark hasn't really produced that many girlbands. I can count 4 (Juice, Soap, Me/My, EyeQ). The reason could be Sweden and Finland and their huge multitude of girlbands. Juice sounded more American than American bands. Vocally beautifully Juice tipped off the Spice Girls, big bands and early soul. Just sublime...

Nobody [mp3]

103. 3G (US?)

I know very little about 3G. I couldn't even find a picture of what they look like online. The internet is pretty dead about 3G. Their name doesnt really help things. They provided one track for the Princess Diaries OST but they never reached the album stage. However I have it and its brilliant. Their songs talked about Britney's virginity, Kobi's rape case and Janets weight loss. Gossip is a must for any girlband fan!

Gossip-VERY rare! [mp3]

104. V*enna (US/UK)

And so to another girlband that made absolutely no impact in the charts. As you've probably guessed though...charts matter very little to us at DontStopthePop towers. Anyone who looks that good in a pink jumper deserves a mention! Vienna must have loved Britneys first album because every song sounded very much like You Drive Me Crazy-The Stop Mix! And they should be rather proud of this fact!

Do You Wanna Know [mp3]

105. Mania (UK)

On paper this should have worked. Not only did it include hit songwriters but the vocalists themselves had notched up many a no.1 single for other acts. However Giselle and Niara flopped after just one single. But what a good single! Looking For A Place To Go is one of my favourites of that particular year. Don't get me started on the AMAZING mixes by Mr.Sleaze. A promo eventually found itself on the web and how pop sluts like myself cried injustice. Sadly we haven't got enough money to bring the case to the European Humans Rights Court but I think most of us settled for the Frank album (see below) which was really the Mania LP just re-worded and re-recorded.

DeepSomething/Rising-previously unreleased [mp3]
If You Need A Good Girl-B Side [mp3]

106. i5 (the World!/US)

The idea behind I5 was great. Five girls from different countries and backgrounds. Perfect! They sung pretty well and wrote excellent pop rifts. It didnt work. Its a real shame as their single Distracted is so 'like totally' about me! Who else watched hours of TRL when they shoulda been cramming for an exam? Me! Who else been standing in the line of the ATM? I totally related! Like totally! Fact: original singers of Cinderella

Ladidi Ladada [mp3]
Distracted [mp3]

107. Frank (UK)

Everyone knows about this band. I won't add anything more. They grabbed a lot of the unused Mania tracks. Nuff said and nuff respect.

Complicated [mp3]

108. Masai (UK)

This band released 3 singles in the UK. Although the blurb on the above cd states "Top Hit-British Charts" nothing could be further from the truth. They first released their debut single Kick Back which flopped. Another single followed but was eventually shelved. Then three years later Do That Thing appeared and then cancelled at the last second. When it finally reached the shelves of HMV the single barely blipped on cash-registers.

Do That Thing [mp3]

109. The Braxtons (US)

Originally consisting of the five Braxtons sisters (including Toni) this family girlband flustered for some years before the three set hit the charts with their anthemic cover of The Boss. The song entered the charts at no.1 in the Billboard Dance charts mainly because of the brilliant vocal mixes by Masters At Work and TommyBoy graduates. Sadly the album faltered at no.116 mainly because they downgraded the pop sound for rnb which was a ridiculous move seeing as their success had only come about because of their disco single. Oh well.

The Boss [mp3]

110. SOAP (Denmark)

Soap are legends here at DontStopthePop and not because they are Danish. Their nationality does help however. They were the original singers of Ladidi LaDida which I think is about oral sex and foreplay. Their cover of Holiday is one of my IPOD favourites. Personally I think its far better than the original.

Ladidi Ladida [mp3]

111. Cleopatra (UK)

Cleopatra had huge vocal abilities. Shirley Bassey would say "they got the range!". They suffered from second album issues when their record company thought it would be so clever to drop the pop sound of their roots and go with an semi-Darkchild sound. The band were from Birmingham and not the East Side. We're waiting for the 3rd album girls!

I Want You Back [mp3]

112. Mrs.Robinson (UK)

I loved this band last year. I even went out with one of their pink promo t-shirts. Sadly my t-shirting didnt help the band, nor did a TV show that featured the girls on BBC. Their second single was for the lives lost in the British Army but that didnt help either. The album flopped harder than Clea's effort. Its a shame as their some really good tracks that would get the popjustice crowd flapping at the wings if produced by Sugababes/Girls Aloud. Its not often a girlband sings about the lies of a president, wars and include bridges performed in Slovenian.

Beautiful World [mp3]

113. Madasun (UK)

Madasun featured the sister of Tina Barrett of S Club! They also sounded a lot like Made In London and as we know that band vanished after single no.2. Madasun did much better than that! They managed to get their album out and is now currently going for 50p at your nearest HMV. Their only problen: being slightly boring....

Don't Hate Me [mp3]

114. Pandoras Box (US)

This band were great. As you see from the picture above they included boys in chaps with bare bottoms and were altogether extremely camp. Sadly however their Steinman produced album flopped and the girls returned to making milk, providing backing vocals and so on. Nearly every one of their songs has been covered by the likes of Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler, Taylor Dane and of course MeatLoaf. The most famous is of course Its All Coming Back To Me Now which demands a Pinkie/PopEatsPop treatment!

Its All Coming Back To Me Now [mp3]
Good Girls Go To Heaven (But The Bad Girls Go Everywhere) [mp3]

115. Jade (China)

No not Jade of Don't Walk Away. No not the UK folk band of the same name. This Jade come from China and are quite big in Germany. They've had a sold out tour of Germany and are promising to make it to the US in 2007. When you hear Finally you'll understand why. This band are so camp it hurts. They are the result of, gulp, China's version of PopStars which, second gulp, included over one million contestants! They've even made a movie out of the whole experience. Anyway, if you like your I Will Survives and Your Disco Needs you you'll adore Finally. Its soooo camp you can almost see a drag queen lost for words, hairspray and wigs...

Finally [mp3]

116. SunTribe (Estonia)

SunTribe are a five-piece girlband from Estonia you might remember when they represented their country a few years ago at Eurovision. Back then they were four but unlike most girlbands they've actually increased their line-up. According to Wikipedia their flop at the song contest led to their eventual break-up. Tis a shame as Lets Get Loud is like Girls Alouds' Love Machine but better!

Lets Get Loud [mp3]

117. Orchid (UK)

Orchid were the original girlband who sung The Sound Of The Underground which was later covered by Girls Aloud. According to one of its members, Sarah Harding, Orchid actually sing the verses. Not to be confused with the American girlband of the similar name, very little is known about Orchid. What can be confirmed is one its members Louise ended up on Fame Academy. Their version of Sound Of The Underground has never been leaked but today DSTP offers one very rough but very rare tracks. This tracks have never released nor will they ever will be. The quality is poor but you can see how similar their vocals sound to Girls Aloud. I cannot overstate how bad this recording is but I've included it purely for archive purposes. This girlband could have been huge and its time DSTP recognised that fact.

Slide-demo p.a [wma]

118. Raffish (The Netherlands)

Hailing from The Netherlands Raffish were the product of their Popstar tv show. There is very little online about the girls so I'll just refer you to Jessica/PurePop who stated that "the five women were Esri, Eva, Lianne, Nora and Sharon. Similarly to Girls Aloud, Raffish had to battle the men, Men2B for the top spot. If I translated this correctly, Men2B won the top spot as their single "Bigger Than That" debuted higher than Raffish's "Plaything". However, one week later, "Plaything" came out on top." So there you go.

When I'm Near You [mp3]

119. Sugar Jones (Canada)

And now to yet another PopStar girlband! This lot came from Canada. If you thought Raffish was an odd name for a girlband Sugar Jones take the biscuit. To me it sounds like a Porn Star who is famous for double penetration. They covered the British girlband Fierce and went their separate ways after one of the girls left the group for a man. Now head over to 2007 and the girls are all releasing solo work so all is not lost.

Days Like That [mp3]
Baby Boo [mp3]

120.B&N (Spain)

This girlband are so camp I don't know where to begin. Coming from Spain they are actually two airline stewardesses who worked for SpanAir. Their lyrics are absolutely hilarious. Each track is different from the last. No boy meets girl and they live happily ever after for Nadia&Bea. They sing about a boyfriend who blames his erectile problems on his pot smoking but is actually having sex with another man. Their huge hit Salides de Emergencia is about flying, sex in the toilets and all the lovely drama of flying in planes. The track we have today actually features The President of the United States: George Bush! Yes! B&N are the only girlband in history to have included backing vocals of a current American president. Whats the song about? Its about weapons of mass destruction, Guantanamo, Iraq and the loss of lives around the world. And the hook? It translates as "This American is mad". And all to a wonderful flamenco disco beat! If you look at their video for the Salides you'll see where Britney got her ideas for Toxic promo...even the damn uniform is similar!

Bush Bush! Rebushca! [mp3]

121. Me&My (Denmark)

This group were probably the first people to work with the writers behind Jamelia's Superstar and Kylie's Good Like That and for this you gotta pay tribute to the Danish Sisters. Despite big success with their first album in Europe the girls were upstaged by the mighty Aqua when it was time to release a follow up. They remain huge in Japan where they continue to battle it out with Shampoo for good chart positions. They are currently representing Denmark in this years Eurovision and are mastering their 4th studio album. YES!

I Belong To You [mp3]

122. Dream (US)

You'll notice absolutely no Danity Kane here. Why? I loved Dream and I still see no reason why Danity Kane should come about when P.Diddy/MTV already has an established girlband probably with better vocals and much better music. When I heard about the Danity Kane project I was like "You have a band waiting for direction...priorities boy!". Then I read wikipedia and realised two things. Dream had nothing to do with MTV and there are some legal issues with the bandmembers and P.Diddy. The latter explains the need for Danity Kane. Oh well. I only really liked their This Is Me track...(sob!)

This Is Me [mp3]

123. Wink (Japan)

Wink were huge in Japan. They had their own chain of shops selling their merchandise and cds. They covered and vastly improved upon many a PWL hit including Bananarama and Jason Donovan. Their biggest hit was of course their take on the Kylie track Turn It Into Love which had run a ground in the UK as a album track and flop single for Hazel Dean. In Japan however the record company released the track giving Kylies biggest no.1 in the world to date (it was no.1 for 10 weeks). Minogue has since reintroduced the song back into her tours despite never being released in her biggest markets. This might be because the song has become iconic in Japan. Not only was it a monster hit for Kylie but when the superGroup Wink recorded it the song went into the stratosphere. In its original form Turn It Into Love already sounded like Abba met PetShopBoys It’s a Sin in an dirty Soho street but when Wink covered it they sprinkled some wonderful fairy dust over the song and delivered wads of pure thick pop bliss. Wink took the song to no.1 once again making itt an J-POP classic. The Kylie-Hazel versions are wiped form the horizon and Wink totally own the song. As such it is their version that has now been covered countless of times and is pretty much a pop standard in Japan.

Turn it Into Love [mp3]

124. Fierce (UK)

Where did Fierce go? They released four singles and one album. They were also covered by Sugar Jones (see above). According to a BBC website things fell apart after the lead singler left. Girls pick it up and return now!

Sweet Love 2k [mp3]
Dayz Like That [mp3]

125. No Secrets

This band were great. Better than great! They kicked off with a cover of the Kim Wilde classic Kids In America off the back of Jimmy Neutron flick. It seemed that America might have finally got its first poptastic girlband that had the potential to reach the dizzy heights of mainstream radio. However after their first album bombed Angel left to pretty reasonable solo career. Some sites states this was due to Angel not having lead vocals on new material which included Whole Again. Yes that Whole Again!

Thats What Girls Do! [mp3]
Kids In America [mp3]

126. Electric Dolls (UK)

Ending this rather huge journey into girlband-land is a band that hasn’t even released its first single yet but we’re all very excited about them. They are sharing the stage with Switch22 and Beyond next month at PopShow and we can’t wait to see them do their thing. Their new single called Baps R Bakin’ is so uberfab its beyond cool. In British slang baps can either mean sandwiches as in “I’ll have a chicken bap” or denotes tits as in “I jizzed on her baps”. The latter of which I’d always hear in the changing rooms after P.E. So the most exciting thing about Electric Dolls is that it includes, gulp, the ultra divine Lindsay Shaw! Know her? Of course you do! She used to be in the poptastic girlband Girls@Play (girlband no.49).

Baps R Bakin' [myspace link]

These songs are available on SendSpace and as such will be available for a strictly limited time. Please support the artists and producers who brought us such magic by getting the complete album (wherever this applies) from places like Amazon and HMV!

In our journey DontStopthePop has covered acts from Canada, India, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Norway, Iceland, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A, Finland, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Russia, New Zealand, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, China, Australia and of course Sweden. So nearly every country in Europe and nearly the world. Thing is, we've barely touched the the tip of the iceberg. Girlbands simply rule at pop music even are they often laughed off by record companies and derided the public. I do hope you've enjoyed this spin around the globe! Wasn't it fun?

So this brings to an end our girlband season. There is one batch left and thats "The Legends of Girlbands" but that won't be posted until the end of the month. Myself and MaryCherry will go to our bunker and put our heads together to make the definitive list of girlbands that deserve the status of legend...

Following this, DSTP will be exploring the murky world of b-sides and return to its normal self.....


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Vanity 6 are one of my favourite groups ever. "Vibrator" is the probably the funniest song of all time! Thanks for including them in your excellent girlband round-up!

Da1000 said...

hey hey! Glad you guys included Portugal on the list :D Probably no one remembers Antilook nowadays, and yet, you got an mp3 pf them! That's just amazing! An Nonstop! the english version of "Ao Limite Eu Vou"? God! U r just amazing.. Still I personally think their best song is 2004's "E Tudo Vai Mudar" much more poptastic... :D Also, there 3 other big portuguese girlgroups u left out : RnB trio Delirium (which Vania de Oliviera, runner up on the portuguese national eurovison which Nonstop won, was part of); 1996 fever Tentações, and 80's divas Doce (they've also represented Portugal in the Eurovision with their massive hit "Bem Bom")... Though that was a great job of yours! Now as for the legend girlgroups... I hope I see some of Destiny's Child, Mis-Teeq, All Saints and No Angels (I so love "Still In Love With You", "Let's Go To Bed", "No Angel(It's All In Your Mind)" and "Feelgood Lies") :D... especially the latter as u can see :D ;) keep up the great job, and hey!, check out my own blog ;) :D

Frisbee said...


Where are the orchid tracks? If you could repost, it would be great?



Da1000 said...

oh, and I just found Nonstop's myspace page... There's some of the tracks I told u about check it out ;)

B said...

Wild Orchid only had three members until Stacy left.

Robpop said...

thanks for all the kind comments! Da1000, thanks for the link! I will reply to your HUGE reply later in teh day-gotta eat some muffins now.

B-Wild Orchid was originally 4 girls.

frisbe-The current post is temporary-thus it has huge errors and is lacking tracks. All will be 'improved' later in the week. The orchid demos havent been posted yet....(in other words).

Static&Silent said...

Great post. I'd forgotten how many overlooked and forgotten girl groups there have been. Madasun, Mania, Cleopatra, Fierce - all great.

As good as Sugababes and Girls Aloud are, it's a shame they're the only two girlbands around full stop at the moment.

BigBackDoor said...

OMG I can't believe that someone else (other than myself) knew of 'PERSON'ELLE' !!I bought their singles and especially loved all versions of 'Rebound'.I expected them to be huge.I got that wrong.I'm jealous that you met them
Amazulu - thankyou for putting that song here.It had been SO long since I heard it ,and yet after I downloaded it ,and played it - all the words came back to me.Such a great song.
Oooh 'Masai' - what a dumb name.I had forgotten them (because of their name) but luckily you found a pic of them and my memory kicked in that i was once desparate to get their song ,that you have now provided-so thanks for that.It's fab !
Well done for mentioning so many criminally forgotten girlgroups and introducing me to some absolute gems.
ooh p.s - I downloaded 'Turn It Into love' by Wink but it came out as some kind of file that wouldn't open for me.Can that be fixed ,or is it that I ballsed it up somehow and should try again ?

Goggle said...

Bravo for a great series of girl groups posts! I applaud you simply for being able to name over 100 girl groups, and then finding mp3s for all of them was probably no easy task either!

Anonymous said...

OMG! OMG! I love your blog so much - Its like Smash Hits magazine never went away, The Girl Bands collection was pure genius on your part - Girls@Play, Personelle, Girl Thing etc, It could only have been made SLIGHTLY better with the inclusion of SixChix and Ladies First.

Thank you for a fab blog especially the unreleased Duece track.........

Kevin said...

Where the heck are:

- West End (Love Rules, It's Raining Men)
- Sweet Female Attitude (Flowers, 8 Days A Week)
- Ladies First (Kiss The Sunshine, I Can't Wait)
- R Angels (I Need To Know, Left To Right)
- Hepburn (I Quit, Deep Deep Down)
- Thunderbugs (Friends Forever, It's About Time You Were Mine)

And finally, when is there going to be a post about the best UK boyband from the 90s, Bad Boys Inc. (and Scorch!)?

B said...

B-Wild Orchid was originally 4 girls.

What do you use for determining how many there were, when they first joined together or when they released their first album? Their first CD was definitely only Stacy, Renee, and Stefanie.

Anonymous said...

Wow your webiste is amazing, so many memories relieved its so cool, but what i was wondering is have you got any more melodi jones tracks? especially their first single naked? its almost impossible to find and im absolutely shocked that uv posted atleast one! any chance of some more? oh and also any ideas where you can get cleopatras second album? please help :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant to see Kick Angel get an entry, they are not that well known. Actually, "I Don't Care" was not a single release but only made it to promo stage. The fab "Misunderstood" was the girls' only single.

Girlgroup fan said...


Gilrgroup Fan said...

Very impressive work! Here's some girlbands from the 90's you should find information: Cloce 2 You (Germany?), 2 For Good(Germany), Grace(Nordic),Paperdolls (UK?).
BTW Don't stop the pop is the most comprehensive blog I've seen!!:)

K said...

tina barrett from s club was an only child so her sister couldn't have been in madasun

NoWhere MaN said...

I agree with Kevin that R Angels needs to be featured on here. Great Pop/R&B act on the Motown label.

I also didnt see...

Eden's Crush(Get Over Yourself)
Daphne And Celeste(Ooh, stick you, U.G.L.Y)
M2M(Don't say you love me, Mirror Mirror)
Mikaila(So im love with two)

Anonymous said...

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