DEUCE ROCK THE DISCO-The best 90's single that never was!!!


I know I know Deuce are not a girlband. But this is very very very special. Rock this Disco has never been released nor has it leaked.....Until now. Superlatives to the ready boys and girls? It comes from their unreleased+shelved second album and was sent my way thanks to a wonderful Mr.Sleaze who got his has hands on the track earlier this week. Is it wrong that we love it when the boy sings the already classic pop line "feel the vibrations inside". Ahem.

Call it an DSTP exclusive! Call it fabulous! Call it love..if you want!!

We do hope you enjoy! Coming up on DSTP will be a huge batch of girlbands that will have us visiting Inida, Turkey, Finland, France, Canada and Portugal!

Words: ABBA, Steps, Scooch, eurovision, camp, Mr.Sleaze


J'ason D'luv said...

Is it "Rock The Disco" or, as it says when I download it, "Knock The Disco"?

J'ason D'luv said...

You know, I think this song must be from sessions for the first album, because it's Kelly O'Keefe singing... she left after the first album, no?

Robpop said...

Rock the knowledge on deuce is pretty scarce so you must be right. :-)

Poster Girl said...

I really really like this--it's so much fun! Thanks, Mr. Sleaze and Robpop :)

Dan said...

hey love deuce, thanx for this, never thought i'd have a new deuce song to listen to!
- is there a way to contact robpop as i NEED a few songs that have expired!
help someone!!

Robpop said...

Contact me on hotmail/or msn through


Trash Addict said...


craigyoung26 said...

this is craig - do u think we should reform to release this song with anew version of call it love - double a side?

Anonymous said...

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