BOYS TOWN GANG Cruising The Streets-12" Mix (perhaps NSFW)

"I swear even cowboys like to strut too"

When Steps and Scooch were merely atoms of a gay tomorrow Boys Town Gang were the pop group that lovers of disco trash lapped up pornowhore-style. The glorious site Discog states that despite the death of disco some months beforehand "clubgoers, especially the gay ones, hadn't stopped dancing, it was just that the high energy music of 1978 and 1979 wasn't being produced or released by late 1980 early 1981." Immediately they took off....sort of!

The stars of show were Cynthia Manley and Jackson Moore but as you'll hear on Cruisin' The Streets the music itself was just as epic. With odes dedicated to gay cities and bum sex between men you can sort of understand why Boys Town Gang were rebuffed. That didnt matter to the group however and in true subversive meriment they made sure their 12" versions were so pornographic the listener couldn't help but laugh. For example they finish up Cruisin' The Streets with "stuff that sausage in me" like it was a dance step ala Macarena or the Boogaloo. Absolutely trashtastic!

When queer theorists, NME journalists and cultural voxpops herald the groundbreaking hardcore gay antics of the crap Frankie Goes To Hollywood it would be wise say "meh" and pour a glass of champers for BoysTown Gang: the forgotten and fabulously filthy pop band of the early early 1980's.


Anonymous said...

I love 80's disco, and this has to be the most gayest song ever. It's the guitar licks that do it for me. Superb. Not to mention that it lasts 13 minutes!!

Take me the to the Bath House now!

Is Bette Midler on?

'Anyone got a cigarette?'

'Can I watch?'

Well done that man!!!!!!

Robpop said...


PinkieDust said...

Too gay! So rude!

Anonymous said...

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