Måns Zelmerlöw seems to be pretty much all over blogland these days with his Eurovision attempt Cara Mia. The song itself is just a collage (Finally, Disco Volante and Vincero to be precise) of the the hits released by Fredrik Kempe who also wrote Cara Mia (surprise!). Mister Kempe probably rivals the poor Magnus Carlsson with the number of failed attempts to represent Sweden at Eurovision. It seems with Cara Mia however, Freddie has given up fronting the songs himself and is handing them out to other more bankable acts. As you'll hear on Disco Volante, his operatic lungs and his ability to camp it up are second to none. The strings, the OTT lyrics and the female backing chorus at the end-its like all the musicals of our entire history all rolled into three minutes! Enjoy!

This was the sort of stuff we were all hoping the Charlotte Church would record
.....C'est la vie!

Buy Fredrik Kempe here and check out his official website here


Poster Girl said...

I was very impressed with the songs Fredrik Kempe wrote this year--Regina Lund's "Rainbow Star," Sanna Nielsen's "Vågar du, vågar jag," and, of course, Måns's "Cara Mia." Loved his duet with Sanna in MF 2005, too...I think I may need to look further into his own back catalogue, but I'm glad to see him doing songs for other artists.

Schlagerboys said...

Fredrik Kempe should throw a few songs to other countries like Lord Thomas of G:Son...

Or maybe he should do another song with Shirley... she needs a bit of help seeing the schlager light!

kevin said...

Fredrik is the most underrated person in the world of pop. Period.

Poster Girl, his two albums are absolutely must-have! Can't wait for the third one.

Maybe I'm too pathetic but FK is actually the second after Alcazar in my charts for 2.5 years now.

Anonymous said...

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