2007 The year of return of the girlband?!

A few months ago it seemed the girlband was a dead genre. However today I took stock of things and the summer releases and if you look hard enough you'll find a reason to smile.

Confirmed albums:

Lucky Twice: Young And Clever (Pre-Book here)

LT are of course The Swedish girlband behind Spains biggest hits of 06-07 and most parts of Europe. They are the first of the summer girlbands to allow fans to buy their new LP officially called Young and Clever. Surely, the most poptastic girlgroup in the world at the moment should represent Sweden in 2008? Anyway, their LP is the most anticipated CD by a girlband this summer so pre-order it already! I myself am most excited about the songs called Speedy Gonzales and The Song.

Raen: Title TBC

I've spoke to the "N" of the Australian girlgroup earlier today & the album is still in the process of touching up. Nat said its gonna be full blown "pop-dance" which is lovely don't ya think? She added that the album will be out through a record company, ITunes or through themselves. Thats the kind of determination Dontstopthepop loves/adores.

Caracola: Title TBC

Caracola hail from Sweden and have alreadly released the first single from their second album. You can hear Mango over at their myspace now or buy it at cdon. They are also planning to release a 3rd album this year but in their mother-tongue. So thats 2, yes 2, albums from Caracola!

PayTV: Title TBC

PayTV are finally releasing their studio album to tie-in with Stockholms Gay Pride festival as a thank you to their loyal fans.

Serebro: Title TBC

Serebro came third at this years Eurovision but many believed their song somehow went beyond the stereotypical walls of the Song Contest. An album is expected mid-September!

Sirens: Title TBC

Newcastle girl band Sirens are still working on their long-anticipated second album 'Resurrection' (currently titled). 3 years in the making, it was originally set for release in early 2006 but after Lynsey left the girls were now a 3-piece and decided to write and record a load of brand new material including Own Thing which was said to be the new single by their manager a few months back.

Not confirmed yet but very likely:

Soccx: a 3rd single is on its way. No album details yet but its very likely to be out soon(ish).

Girlband: After releasing 2 flop singles the girls are rather determined to release their album currently called Coming Out Fighting. Proof however will be in the pudding. But if their second single, Electric, is anything to go by methinks it will be a rather a very tasteful pudding if its released. Girls, if your reading this-do it!

Cosmo4: Despite releasing four singles the Swedish girlband have yet to release their first album. Their attempt at representing their county with Whats Your Name did get them noticed and the girls are releasing new things soon. They are even considering representing Sweden again in 2008. An album is currently planned for this summer. Confirm it girls!

Albums already released by girlbands

MissMatch: Just Push Play

An excellent album that Girls Aloud would love to record but mess around with silly ballads. Key songs: Unabashed, Breathe In/Breathe Out, Boo, Watcha Gonna Do With That Thing and Don't. Swedish pop music never sounded better. The track called Boo is probably the best thing since Betty Boo. So Boo Boo and buy MissMatch now. Purchase it here

No Angels: Destiny

Despite consisting of a bit too many covers for my liking Destiny was a great return to form. A tour of Germany restored Germany's faith in great pop acts. Purchase it here.

NKD: Whats that Noise?

NKD released one of the greatest pop cd's of the last few months. With an ex-member of Bardot and a guy who c0-wrote Scooch's Flying The Flag submitting songs on its tracklisting theres a reason why its so good. Key songs are the brilliant bookends of the album-the anthems What I Believe and PopTrash. Purchase it here.

Shine4: So Elektries

Already going down in Pop infamy this band were pretty much exposed to the world of pop when DontStopthePop uncovered their brilliant cover of Girl Alouds Greatest Hit single. A must for any pop lover. Purchase it here.

Monrose: Temptation

With the likes of Gary Barlow and Niara Scarlett on song-writing credits the album was always going to be brilliant. The girls are currently on a sell-out tour and are releasing their 3rd single any day now! The record company is currently asking song-writers to submit songs for the inclusion of the second album. Purchase their debut here.

Bisou: Hier Und Jetzt

Bisou consist of girls that didn't make Monrose but they've recorded some of the best pop music to come out of Germany/Popstars in years. Purchase it here.

Exciting Girlband music on its way

  • BtweenMusic-This Swedish girlband consist of two girls from another girlband (EMMA-more on them on DSTP very soon!). Anyway, the girls have recorded some very fabulous music that is getting me all excited. You can check it all out here.
  • Electric Dolls-appearing at this months PopShow Party. Very excited about this band.
  • Clea-Still together and ready to release new material for their fans especially in Asia very soon.
  • Sugababes-Currently recording with producers!
  • Girls Aloud-Currently recorded with Xenomania!

Rumoured but....

  • Spice Girls
  • Bless/Bubbles

Whatever Next?

  • WestEnd Girls
  • Danity Kane
  • PussyCat Dolls

Seriously Missed Girlbands :(

  • Rouge-Brazil
  • TrueBliss-New Zealand
  • L5-France
  • EyeQ-Denmark
  • Supersister-UK
  • Made In London-UK


Ricardo Reis said...

Nonstop (Portugal) are truly missed too...

Brandon said...

here's some girl bands you can add to your list and their singles:
LAX - "Forget You"
Nylon - "Holiday"
A Girl Called Jane - "He's Alive"
Tiffany Affair - "Start A Fire" and "Over It"
Brick & Lace - "Never Never" "Get That Clear" and "Love Is Wicked"
Honeyshot - "Keep On"
Danity Kane are currently recording their second album and The Pussycat Dolls are finishing up their second album titled "Double The Trouble". Nicole Scherzinger, lead of PCD, will release her solo album "Her Name Is Nicole" this summer and Melody Thornton, second lead of PCD, will release her solo "The Beginning" sometime this year.
3LW are recording their new album "Point Of No Return"
Tymes 4 are recording their new album "4 Reasons" with the lead off single "What Is Love"
Nina Sky are recording their new album and I think the lead off single is "Clothes Off"

and a question for you - any news on raffish or preluders?

Robpop said...

Yes, I miss NonStop too! (they were on the draft of this post-but somehow didnt make the final cut). Also miss BellePop. But I did have to cut it short without it simply turning into a Where are they now post. However thank you ricardo! Great to have you on board/reading the blog.

Brandon: thanks for this! Again, as i said above....not all bands with releases out this summer(this year) can be included but it was an overview. Your reply simply extends the argument that girlbands are bac, back back!

Some of those girls I've never heard of before (namely A girl called Jane/Tiffany Affair and Brick and Lace).

More spending lol!

Raffish-split but they are doing their own thing now.

Preluders-kinda sad with this band. they fell apart losing a member one by one. they broke up officially in 2006. I doubt they'd get back together now that the german market is swamped with girl bands.

Details of girlbands should be here:


Anonymous said...

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