The last couple of days there has been some great pop music that has come my way but its five tracks recorded for Kylie's tenth studio album that actually take the pop biscuit. While Madonna films in my local chemist-she's filming down the road-it would appear Kylie has gone and raised a middle finger to her pop rival and pulped all memories of Confessions of A Dancefloor. Critical influences? KleerUp, The Knife, Margaret Berger & Robyn of Scandanavia. A small overview of the songs:

Lose Control
"I just want it all-I have lost control"

Excuse my French but when did pop become so slick? This track is the best thing Kylie has ever recorded and to think that it might not make the final grade makes me rather wet for the rest of the project. What does this song have? An amazing guitar, Eurythmics baselines and tributes to Adamski's Killer & The Sources You Got The Love. Also the wonderful appearance by the lovechild of Darth Vader and Sugar Puffs Honey Monster on the backing vocals make Lose Control one of the most interesting pop songs of the year. When Kylie says "the tide is turning-I just want it all" you know she's kinda right and she's gonna get whatever she wants. I got the feeling its about sex while on drugs. She even pops pills in the second verse. As such, Lose Control verges on pop brilliance.

"You keep blowing my fuse"

Kylie returns to the rudeness of her 1994 classic Automatic Love. This ode to "flicking the switch" includes rather interesting tribal sounds like you've either walked into a freaky sex dungeon or the jungle. Includes a rather brilliant sample of Bonnie & Clyde.

In My Arms
"How do you describe a feeling"

Kylie asks the listener how to describe a feeling and ignores the answer. Rude? Perhaps! But when the sweeping electro verse kicks in you forgive her! Fans are loving this song and you can understand why. It seems like the song is either one whole verse or one big chorus. It makes little sense but it is rather catchy so who cares about the analysis. Its the type of song that Sophie Elis-Bextor would have loved to have owned. Perhaps, Kylie is attempting to answer the very same question (How Do You describe a feeling) that the metaphysical philosophers of Europe have pondered for years without conclusion. Well done Kylie! This year the charts-next the Hay Festival of Literature.

"Stars don't shine, Stars don't shine, Stars don't shine"

This the song where you really hear the Scandic influences. This could have been on Robyn's last album. Oddly sensual, the listener discovers Kylie is in yet another philosophical mood when she namechecks the meaning of life. Its very hard to place which is a shame because this could be perfect as the lead single. Its a total heart-warming song and I can see thousands singing along to Kylie when she performs it live. The best way I could describe Stars is if I asked you to imagine Bertine Zetlitz, Sally Shapiro and Malou produced a collaborative track with, strangely, Natalie Imbruglia popping up here and there. You know the sadness of Robyn/Kleerup's With Every Heartbeat? Well its on Stars. Don't ask me explain how or why but its there...

Fall For You
"So why did ya go settin' off the alarms?"

This song is a bit wild. It could be on the new Miss Match album (more on them later this week). Kylie has never done a song like this and is thus out of her comfort zone. It works just. Fall For You could be a lead single if the record company felt brazen. It's like someone's locked Sophie Ellis Bextor, Girls Aloud and Xenomania in a very small confined space
and squished them all out. Pinkie over at YouCallThatLife described the song as " Transvision Vamp/Rogue Traders" which climaxes in an epic "spunky and spikey" frenzy.


Adem IAR said...

I thought "Fall For You" sounds a bit Cathy Dennis, don't you think??

pato said...

now, i only have to know where the bliip i can get those songs... hehehe

PinkieDust said...

I know your gonna hate me........but Stars sounds like its stolen the same electronic rift from Madonna's Jump

Trash Addict said...

Kylie's new stuff is just brilliant. If this is any indication Kylie X (or whatever it is being called today) will be her best album since Light Years!! My favourites are Stars and In My Arms - both of which are some of the best work Dannii's old hag of a sister has ever produced. I could cry - such is the poptastic excellence on display. The queen is back!

matt said...
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Robpop said...

Matt "Fall for you" is not to be confused with the song put side during her Deconstruction days.

While i do adore FFY i much prefer Lose Control. Stars is older than Lose Control But really dating these songs is near to nitpicking. They are are all brilliant and a nice return to form from Kylie after her Xenomania/Body Language confusions.


Anonymous said...

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