Its DSTP round-up

-DontStopthepop doesnt usually do this. But "we" haven't done it for some time so lets get on with it. A few months ago I said all the "doomin' and "gloomin" surrounding the the Spice Girls reunion was all to bring the name back into public manifold. Well theres been a few hiccups but they're still on course for a reunion and a greatest hits package. Just watch The Friday Night Project tonight... Typically the wonderful journalist Victoria Newton exclusively revealed that the girls were "re-releasing" their greatest hits. Which is interesting as there have been Spice Girls' dolls, crisps and cameras but a greatest hits package? Don't be ridiculous!

-The amazing new LuckyTwice album "Young And Clever" has been released through their Spanish record company ValeMusic. Oddly for Sweden its behind the game and is planning to release the Cd in September. Get it before that through the Spanish store Nicole Kidman adores ElCorteIngles. Talking of which, here is the sublime performance of L-T's huge hit Lucky by some Spanish Big Brother contestant. I adore her and she is amazing!

-Its Gay Pride in London tomorrow. "We" hope you all have loads of fun. Especially PaulofTheZapped variety!

-Good Luck to Shirley Bassey! Her Living Tree is currently finding its roots at Glastonbury. So she's the replacement for Kylie! Who cares! She's a diva and she'll show them all how its done.

-This is 50 Cent playing with a some huge dildo. This is the only time such an individual will ever appear on DSTP.

-Back to class! Robyn's remixes of With Every Heartbeat are ripping through the dancefloors of East London clubs. Sadly for fans the Cd won't feature the version of the song that had extra 'talky bits'. Maybe for the Swedish album thats in the works for a winter 08 release?

-DontStopthePop is currently falling head over heels with the Australian popband Raen. Please, please please support indie pop acts by going by their website and spread the word!

-Taking of which, pay your respects to Mike of PoptrashAddicts. "I Aint Playin" is pure pop bliss! Nobody does it better

-DSTP will have three members of a girlband guest appearing on the blog! I will say nothing more at the moment but stay tuned....

-Other up n coming contributers include Pinkie!, Chris and my fellow super NSP'er Ricardo!

-Things that make you go hmmmm. At least they coulda provided a link to purchase the sublime album they released....thats all i ask for!


Pinkie is the old blog said...

Pinkie? didnt he leave blogland for good?

Trash Addict said...

You're a sweetheart, Rob! I'm glad everyone is enjoying the Roxane experience.

Anonymous said...

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