Toy and SAW - a match made in heaven

Yes the above picture is really how it should have been...

In 1988 La Toya teamed up with the kings of 80s pop Stock Aitken Waterman for what should have been her biggest success...

However rather than using (Ain't Nobody Love You) Like I Do as the lead single and get Toy her first hit in the UK, the Full Force produced You're Gonna Get Rocked was chosen instead and while that rocked on to #42 in New Zealand, #103 in the US and #90 in the UK, I feel that teaming a Jackson with SAW was a lost opportunity. After the flop of You're Gonna Get Rocked no further singles were released in the UK. In fact Like I Do's video seemes to have only got airplay in Continental Europe where the single apparently made #17 on the German charts.

Another single produced by SAW was released in Europe, that being (Tell Me) He Means Nothing To You At All. Toy sings "she" in the song but the record company obviously didn't care enough to correct the spelling on the single. It didn't have a video and didn't seem to chart anywhere...

These two tracks are essential for lovers of SAW and Toy alike!


Anonymous said...

Thats hot

I should be so lucky lucky luck lucky
I should be so lucky to be a Jackson!

Michael said...

You are right... the SAW produced tracks were released as a single in Germany with "Like I Do" on the A-Side and "He Means Nothing At All" on the B-Side. It was relased Oct. 87 with "You´re Gonna Get Rocked" to follow in May 88.
I worked at her record company at that time but the album simply titled "La Toya" failed to be successfull... even though they tried to copy the SAW-Full Force-formula that was so successfull with Samantha Fox at that time.
Nothing much folllowed. I just remember her performance on a record company event where she was riding an elephant.

By the way congratulations... I love reading your blog. I even bought the CDs from South Africa you recommended: Shine4, Hi-5 and Lisa Scott-Lee. Didn´t know that it was released anywhere. So I am glad to have it.


Anonymous said...

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