Helena Paparizou's Teardrops has just hit Greek radio and is expected to be huge. Its glorious power ballad of the type we've not heard for sometime. See the camp performance here.

Staying in Greece, it was the MAD TV music awards last night. This is very much like the MTV/The Brits but for Greece. The stars of the show were the aforementioned Helena who kicked it all off with a cover of Let The Sunshine In/Aquarius and Michalis Hatzigiannis who walked away with four awards! Check out his brilliant duet "Tonight" with Reammon and "Heria Pslla" on his myspace. Dontstopthepop fav' Peggy Zina won best video but being a true diva that she is wasn't there to pick it up. Classy!

Its London's Gay Pride today. Darren Hayes and others will take to the stage in a bid to improve the rights of sexual minorities around the globe. And to promote their latest pop products. Nice! I look out outside of my window and its raining. Hopefully the sun will appear as a soggy rainbow is no fun.

Dr.Who (nay David Tennant) is appearing at the event for some reason. As will the Dr.Who finale. Already its featured MyFly and is rumoured to have a blink and ya miss scene from Kylie. However I spoke to the guy who runs Holy Moly and it seems as her part was filmed before she headed of to Italy three weeks ago its very unlikely its been done in time for tonight. Talking of Kylie, her material with Groove Armada is said to be "Blondie-pop". Much has been made of Beyonce at the BET Awards and her "tribute" to Kylie's amazing start of the Fever Tour. Check out the closeness for yourself....

Popjustice waxes lyrical about Natalie Imbruglia's new single Glorious but Pinkiedust over at YouCallThatLife trumped them all the way back in March!!!!!

According to that idiot Louis Walsh the Spice Girls reunion has delayed the all important Boyzone chinwag. I hope Dannii farts in his direction during the X Factor shows that begin, sadly, this August.

The latest single by No Angels has bombed in the chart German charts. When I say "bomb" i mean a huge fart in a lift. No.36! That is awful! They deserve it though for going with "Maybe" as a single. They should have gone with either of the Agnes Carlsson covers "I Believe In You" or "I had A Feeling". They are re-releasing the album soon so expect another single but they better choose the song wisely or it will be a very short-lived reunion.

Robyn's Kleerup collaboration With Every Heartbeat has been c-listed by Radio One. This is brilliant news.

Lily Allen was surprisingly nice on the Friday Night Project last night. She pretended to Amy Winehouse and produced a new song called "Lidl Rebel" with Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins. Hear the cute mess here.

Mike of PoptrashAddicts
continues to set the pace with his latest update on "Gay Pimp". This man, Mike, deserves a BloggerAward for, er, bestblog like E-v-a-h. He makes me "shake like a freak". Which is a good thang.

While PopPosterGirl goes AWOL, that other poster girl of pop Britney is called to join the True Colors Tour by one Cyndie Lauper. J'ason of ChartRigger exposes the story behind the latest tabloid drama effecting the sublime Mrs.Spears. Is it me or is there something a bit ridiculous about a Gay and Lesbian Tour? I don't know but I doubt a concert featuring stuff like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and Erasure will ever re-order the political structure that causes margonilisation and heteronormative violence. To me its just another conceited effort to wrench out more money out of a group under a promise that it will somehow deliver queer justice (or as they put it "human rights"). If they've ever spent one hour reading about history surrounding human rights they'll know they are barking up the wrong tree. Read this, its well worth it. Simply put, human rights are created and granted by the very same institutions that have taken them away so steer clear.....

Coming up tomorrow? Something very special: A girlband are appearing on Dontstopthepop to say a few words as will a DSTP reader! Stay tuned!


Trash Addict said...

Thank you, Rob! You are very sweet. I hope to keep your bits shaking!

PS. Surely Pop Justic has something better to get excited about than Natalie fucking Imbruglia?! Yawn. They obviously haven't experienced the magic of her sister, Laura.

Anonymous said...

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