Hello there, all you POP Maniacs! This is Andrea, Liliana and Rita from Nonstop, the Portuguese Popstars girl group. Welcome to DSTP!! Stay tuned, and don’t forget to: Keep on looking over your shoulder…

"Don’t Stop Non-Stop"

Australia got Bardot; Germany, No Angels; the United States had Eden’s Crush. Popstars girl groups started to rise in many countries, all over the world, after the Spice-Girl-spit-up back in 2000. Well, today’s story starts in 2001, when Portugal began searching for their Popstars. They had to have the looks, the style, attitude, and, of course, the voices…it wasn’t easy but Andrea, Kátia, Fátima, Liliana and Rita had that little something that made them special, bringing them together, to become Nonstop.

The first poptastic album!

If you like pop you can’t miss Nonstop! They have two of the best pop albums I’ve ever heard! Unfortunately the Portuguese don’t know how to treat pop like the English do and these girls have been struggling their way through the music biz. Well but let’s get back to the story…

The second poptastic album

Ao Limite Eu Vou was the girl’s first single and also their biggest hit! It peaked at #1 on the Portuguese charts and radio stations and has one of the best videos made in Portugal for a pop song (curiously, it can’t be found on the web). Soon, after almost 6 months, Fatima left the band. Their second video, for Basta Um Sorriso, was canceled and rumors of the bands ending started to appear. But they were only rumors. In 2004 the girls made their comeback at MTV Shakedown with a brand new single E Tudo Vai Mudar. New album; new songs; new single! Girl Power was back and better then ever, but due to the poor promotion the girls started sinking...was it the end of Nonstop? Not really. The band was kicked of by their record label and the girls started on working on self made material for the group. In the meantime they’d represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006…More recently Kátia announced it was time for her to leave the band.

Though, most fans may consider this the start of the end of Nonstop, Boss, Black Rose and Ritinha a.k.a. Andrea, Liliana and Rita are now working on the comeback of the longest living Popstars act ever. Thing won’t be the same but, that’s what’s music all about! Keep your eyes and ears on Nonstop as the beat goes on and on and on…

Nonstop by Ricardo Reis

Credits: DSTP reader Ricardo Reis and of course The NonStop Girls
Important Linkage: The Only Official NonStop Website
Important Linkage: A place to buy Nonstop albums! You know you gotta!
Important Linkage: You Can Speak to the Girls if you want here


Ricardo Reis said...

And the beat goes on an on an on...

MaryCherry said...

OMG I love Misbehavin' so much.

A few years ago a good friend of mine and I drove around the streets of Palmerston North, New Zealand, blastign this song over and over from his little blue mini. It was so fun!

Trash Addict said...

I love all the NONSTOP songs I've heard so far. This is a great post and I really hope we hear more from the lovely ladies in the near future!

Ben said...

This is great. Thanks!

Miguel said...


Anonymous said...

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