José Galisteo-I Promised Myself-The Video!!!!

It would seem the likes of Magnus Carlsson and Andreas Lundstedt have a much cuter rival in the their midst as...and its a relief to know that he's Spanish and not Swedish. Its the wonderful Jose Galisteo. DontStopthePop featured the yumyum pop star all the way back in May and now the singer has finally launched himself properly. With the backing of Vale Music (the same company that launched LuckyTwice, Merche, Bea Bronchal & Natalia) Mr.Galisteo has finally released his first proper single which just happens to a poptastic cover of the Nick Kamen classic.

The video itself is simple, sweet and very much the sort of campness I've come to adore about Spain. I personally love Jose in January but that might just because I was born in this month. His September also reveals Jose as a excellent Harry Potter! Those socks! Anyway, click this link to see behind the scenes and a rather cute interview where the two boys outrageously flirt with each other and giggle about churros! Just check out the body language between them-they love each other!

His album features a collection of gay poptastic disco greats including Don't Leave Me This Way, Enola Gay, Big In Japan, Please Don't Go, and Relight My Fire. He's even covered PWL's classic song Together Forever and What Is Love by Haddaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THIS ALBUM NOW! Then there's Jose's very special song Running In The Family (originally by Level 42) w which suddenly evolves into a story about being gay and how his family loved him no matter what. In other words if you thought Måns Zelmerlöw, Darren Hayes, Simon Curtis and the aforementioned Swedish singers had it sealed as releasing the most poptastic pop album by a male singer this year Mr.Galisteo and his L.P Remember has just raised the bar and perhaps pipped them at the post!

Yes its covers but you can never beat the classics and/or his wonderful English accent. There's a certain warmth to the music and singing of Jose Galisteo that the polished and sheek pop albums put out by Swedish and Anglo-American male stars completely lacks. Not that I am saying these singers are bad or anything but my heart does a little flutter when Jose flitters his handkerchief to mirror the electric strings in the video for I Promise Myself. I think the video simply reminds us that pop can also be absolutely fun and Jose has done that with stunning effect whether it be him dressed up as a club queen, tennis player or dance partner to the Queen Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles during the 1700's! Just wonderful!


Poster Girl said...

I was really hoping the album was going to have those great covers he had on his MySpace (I really like the sound of his voice when he's singing in Spanish)--maybe next time. That video is too cute, though ;)

Speaking of Vale and Natalia, what do you think of "Orden de desalojo"? I'm thinking about getting her Nada es lo que crees album, too (still love "Loco por mi").

Yay for Spanish pop--you all always do an amazing job of finding new artists and making me appreciate pop scenes in countries that I never did before.

Robpop said...

I too was a bit :( with the lack of the Spanish songs! I contacted his people asked why there werent Spanish songs on his album. They said next time.

Orden de desalojo! I love it! Her album is brilliant. All of them are. I adore her Natalia album most. Only cos she covers girlband Smoke2Seven!

Ok Ok, so yeah Nada Es Lo Que Crees is actually much better than people expected of Natalia. I think the brilliant chart positions surprised everyone. I love it for the Ultimo Adios and Baila En Mi Fuego tracks. While ya there buy the Rosa album. Its amazing. She even covers Carola.

Yay for Europop!! (and SpanishPop!) I wish there was a blog called CathyTunesOfSpain. The country is doing so well with regards to great pop music and with the likes of Nash, Rebeca and Jose its clearly in a league of its own. It forms one of the magic points of music in Europe-pop triangle (Sweden, Germany and Spain).

Postergirl thank you for your lovely words! :) The feeling
is mutual sweetie xxx


MaryCherry said...

As much as I wanna like him that cover is fucking hideous!

He has nothign ont he brilliance of the A Teens' version!

Robpop said...


Yes the A-Teens rocks but think about the context! Its supposed to! It has a major production house behind it. I prefer this version because it has a sense of locality, reality and charm to it that other versions simply lack.

Paul said...

ohy bobbypops how i adore you. i think i just got 42% gayer...

MaryCherry said...

it might have a major production house behind it, but as Beyonce clearly shows, that can still mean it's shit!

Robpop said...

Point taken. It still doesnt take away the fact that the production is more sleek (perhaps even a little bit more catchy) yet theres no kind of warmth as there is in Mr.Galisteo's version.

Paul, thanks for the adoration! Hehehehe. Zapping it to ya! As for making you 42% mission is thus accomplished. Perhaps it was the socks. Perhaps it was Jose in his skimpy underwear. Or perhaps it was that rather fantastic 1970's white skiing out fit with those fab boots....that sealed you up. Or perhaps it was the sling.

Wait. The sling? Oh yes. That would be in my other video.

J'ason D'luv said...

Flourishes in the music remind me of Erasure...that squiggly little keyboard riff...

He seems like he'd be up for getting slammed in junkyard.

Robpop said...

Which i can take as a thumbs up from you, jason??

His album is quite amazing. Yes its covers. But by the time he does PWL's Together Forever my little gay body is sweating rainbows!

JoseViruete said...

I'm amazed with you're familiarity with spanish pop. I didn't heard José 'til now but it surely sounds fun and breezy, great summer stuff.
I, sometimes, though about start a blog about spanish music, but I think you got my favs already good covered, speacially Merche :)

Ok, anyway, a link for you,in the case you didn't know this girls

Robpop said...

Jose! I love Magnolias! I also adore Tess and Mussas! (The lost Spanish Girlbands!)

They are very difficult to find! especially the album by the Magnolias De Acero! Its in fact impossible!

I love Spanish pop! My boyfriend is from Malaga and my mother lives in Granada so i am heavily influenced by it.

Merche is brilliant isn't she. I also adore(and have covered) Rosa, Natalia, Dover and of course Andermay. I love Rebeca, BellePop, Bea Bronchal, Marta Sanchez and course Malu! Thats not to forget the legend that is Monica Naranjo! All featured on DSTP once or twice before.

This week there will be more Spanish acts ;-)

(And thanks for commenting)

J'ason D'luv said...

Rob, just heard "Together Forever." The musical production is awesome! It's a great, modern update that maintains the fun of the original.

Robpop said...

Your right! There is also such a warmth to his covers.


I can send ya copy if you want..

JoseViruete said...

Thanks to you for having such an entertaining blog!! I'm working in an article for mywebsite about spanish Spice girls clones, pre-Bellepop & Tess, I'm sure you'll find that fun, I'll let you know.

Rob said...

Frankly - since I am regrettably mono-linguistic - the lack of Spanish songs bothered me not one jot.

It's a great album, though. "Religth (sic) My Fire" is for me the least inspired track, but as a whole it's a complete corker of an LP. Solidly produced, with great tracks and a lovely voice (and the eye candy is good too).

Even better "I Promised Myself" was just featured on TMF's "Pete Waterman's World of Pop". All this just two days after I finally got a physical copy of the album in Barcelona. How much of a coincidence is that?

Anonymous said...

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