This is one of my favourite songs of the year. In fact I'll push the boat out and say that L'aura's cd Demian is one of the finest debuts by any act this decade. And who is she? Well she's Italian and born one year after me and studied at Berkley where she lived a bit, read some Umberto Eco and was really good at violin. In Italy, she managed to shake its "sweet sprock" foundations to the core with songs like "I'm So Fucked...". Fellow Italian pop singers like that of Laura Pausini and Elisa suddenly appeared out of date. This song comes from her second album Demian which features songs in English, Italian and French. I personally think its one of the finest pop products I've ever discovered.

Sometimes she ends up going all "angrybitch" with a "electrobaseline" (see the song Non E' Una Favola) which would make the likes of Richard X give up altogether and then shes all Queen: The Musical with the song The Doors. Simply put: Demian is a must for anyone who loves mad sounds, thick melodies, pianos, violins, discobaselines and brilliant lyrics.

Take the song "I'm So Fucked Up I Can Barely Walk". It sounds like a catchy pop-along song that would be played in one of Disney's most romantic moments. From there it evolves into a type of melody that makes you want to skip along the Seine in Paris. Is the song about taking too much coke? Is the song about the overuse of dildos? I can't answer any of these. Except, that its one of the best songs of the year. I sort of wish the likes of Natalie Imbruglia, Tori Amos and Kelly Clarkson would drop their overhammed metaphors and release music like L'aura...

This is pop class!

***Coming up this week on DSTP-lots of great pop Spanish/Swedish anthems***
***Next up: Something ultra catchy from Argentina!***


Trash Addict said...

Hmm, I know how she feels!

Another fabulous post, my lovely. I'll have to start hunting down some Italian/Spanish pop CDs.

Omer said...

"Fucked up" is such a brilliant tune!

Anonymous said...

L'aura is an international talent :D

Ciao from Italy

Linda said...

Hey what a beautiful post!!!

I'm italian and I really LOVE L'Aura's music

I'm So Fucked Up is one of my favourites song of the new album, everytime she plays it live is magic!

Come and visit also her forum ;)

See ya

L'Aura said...

Thank you, what you wrote is neat!
We need to spread the word and make it roll through tongues and thongs and ears of bears....
Thanks again (also to Linda ;-), wonderful site!

Robpop said...

Wow! L'aura!!! Welcome to Dontstopthepop!!!! Linda I will try to get to the forum-I promise! Thank you for your comments!

Thank you Omer!

L'aura album is amazing and I highly recommend!

Anonymous said...

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