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Electric Dolls and The British Pop Band

A few years ago the worlds most favourite airline British Airways ran a series of very successful adverts where in which an individual was spotted running around landmarks around Britain like he was the last man on earth. Everyone had left the country due to the amazing prices of flights abroad. When you look at the British pop scene you might be forgiven for thinking the same has happened. When I go to other countries like Spain, Germany and Sweden I am left rather bereft when on return to see Girls Aloud & Sugababes pretty much the only girlband doing pop in the U.K.

I feel as if I am running around the U.K screaming, “Where the fuck did classic pop groups go?” The situation has got to such a stage that the 1990’s defunct bands like All Saints, Take That, Scooch and the Spice Girls can make quite reasonable comebacks. Both Digital and Beyond promised so much but vanished without getting to their first single. Electric Dolls on the other hand are a bunch of poptastic girls that simultaneously work on the current simulacrum of music and yet generate a breath of fresh air clearly boldly going where no British girlband has danced before.

Believe me, this is not an article that repeats the diadem of “pop is dead” often found online and in the presses. There are some very exciting things happening in pop at the moment. Nor is it an article that runs into that adage that “pop evolves and changes.” I think pop is out there and, no pop is not back for it never went away, but spirit of Smash Hits and Big! feels ever so close. Why? Because of the band of Electric Dolls- The Brand New Girlband of 2007! The girls recall the energy of the Spice Girls and yet are very 2008.

Let me explain. You know when your primary school did show and tell? Other kids would bring the most amazing of creations and for a long time you’d always be shame-faced when your toy broke because it was too old or wonky. That’s what its been like for a rather long time. Pop fans of Britain have had to get use to places like CdOn, Ebay and Amazon to track down great pop music from far away places as have British record companies and their AnR departments. British based acts have had to cover Danish acts (Jamelia’s Superstar was originally by Christine Milton), Swedish pop icons (Beverley Knight’s biggest radio hit was by Swedish act Robyn) and Kylie Minogue’s fan favourite On A Night Like This was done by the Swede Pandora and then by the Greek Diva Anna Vissi.

We’ve had copy others and yearn for a new act that had the energy of the likes of BwO of Sweden, L5 of France, No Angels of Germany, Scissor Sisters of New York City and Rosa Lopez of Spain. They’ve been quite literally stealing the limelight on the pop ‘show and tell’ table with their anthems, hits and catchy tunes. What did us Brits have to bring to this table? Girls Aloud? Yes, great! But Girls Aloud or the Sugababes are all we’ve had. We can’t keep on bringing the same toys to show n tell. When both bands produced their greatest hits packages last year to me they appeared like warnings. The British can’t depend on these girlbands to always produce the good marks. The recent reunion's of British pop acts is both welcomed but is in fact mighty step backward. Its 2007 not 1997. You don’t see Sweden depending on Ace Of Base to keep their pop flame alight. On the contrary, other countries refuse to rest on the laurels, hits and older acts.

One week, Sweden will give you Annie, the next its Amy Diamond and the follow day its Robyn proceeded by Miss Match, Danny, B-tween and LuckyTwice. Whereas Britain gives the world Lily Allen and her sister Kate Nash, the wonderfully eloquently Isabel Guzman and The Knife weave songs that are devoid of all novelty slang, sing in beautiful English and will zoom up the charts come 2008. For proof, one only has to look at Sweden’s Robyn and Kleerup…

Where did the British pop act go? You know the type of typology of pop I am talking about. Colourful, kitsch, electro, pop, bubblegum, intelligent and slightly novelty yet very catchy and not in the Scooch or Crazy Frog way. Very serious, clearly pop lovers themselves and know a great hook when they make one. At one moment they could be interviewed about Dali on Radio Four while at the same time plugging their 12” inch doll replicas of themselves in Asda and Hamleys.

That new British act has arrived in the form of The Electric Dolls. Returning to the ‘show and tell’ analogy, the Electric Dolls can rival the likes of Miss Match, Robyn, Monrose and Soccx and will impress both the headmaster and music teacher alike. Finally, British pop lovers can plonk a brand new girlband on the table and proudly go ‘ta-dah!’.


The girls run rings around Mika, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Their song Plastic Girl has more pop foundation than Kate Nash’s new single that’s for sure. The Electric Dolls web favourite ‘Baps R Bakin’ is so British it doesn’t need to reduce itself to the nail-curling line of “cuz they iz much fittaaaaaaaaah.” These girls are classy, shop at Shhhh in Hoxton and would never ever dream of wearing trainers on the stage when their Jimmy Choo’s makes them feel so good deep inside.

The Electric Dolls are the newest and finest British pop product that pop fans living in Blighty can be proud of….finally! Hooray-I say!

So rejoice and celebrate the magic that is The Electric Dolls!


So who are the Electric Dolls? They consist of Lynsey, Kelly, Sarah, Jenny & Lexy. One of the members was interviewed by DontStopthePop a few months ago in DontStopthePop's mamouth celebration of the girlband (see it here). They say they sound like Gwen/Fergie, a bit of Prince and Madge and thats certainly true...but to only to an extent. There are elements of everything in their material and the song Love Me Long Time is a prime example of this "collective vibrancy" that you'll hear in the Electric Dolls first album when its released. The song begins with Chinese strings that pop hasn't heard since Steps deliberated about that philosophical temporal moment known as "After the Love Has Gone" and it then dips into a hiphop-pop hybrid that evolves into an polemic chant which lasts 3 minutes of pure pop bliss. The song refers to ABBA (Omg!), some kind of "stronger glue" and even includes a demand to "69" one of the girls. It also contains one of the greatest middle 8's heard since Girls Aloud completely updated the section of the song with "The Show". The brilliance about Love Me Long Time is that you can hear influences from other musicians but your also slapped senseless with the unique and rather new sound of the Electric Dolls. Now I am no slapper but I enjoy having my cheeks go red and for this Long Me Long Time is a must for any pop aficionado interested in the future sound of pop.

So, thank you girls for allowing DontStopthePop and its readers this legal download today. I must confess it was ever so difficult to choose which song to pick for I do adore Plastic Girl which you'll all hear on their album (its amazing!). Please check out their myspace site which hosts three other songs including a brand new song called "Giving Me Love". For me, Electric Dolls are in the same category of B-Tween, Simon Curtis, Jay Norton and Isabel Guzman as pop acts that on signing will rip through the charts of 2008. Alongside Clea, Girls Aloud, Spice Girls (again!) and those Sugababes, the Electric Dolls are a welcome and much needed addition to the British girlpop family. So everyone yelp out a little "yay!".



Anonymous said...

This article says everything that I've been thinking about this group......Saw them live last month and loved it !!!

Mark Phillipsson said...

Heya, this is great! Loving the other stuff on the myspace too! Thanks once again! Fucking fantastic

Mark Phillipsson said...

Actually, I fucking love it.

Paul K said...

Let me get this straight-the band aint signed? Are record companies blind and deaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song (thanks btw) is much better than the Sugababes comeback song and is up there with Girls Aloud's finest moments. Everyone at the office is loving Love Me Long Time!!!!!

DontStopthePop is on a roll with all these brilliant new acts. Thanks mate!

Jesssica said...

They are our version of the Pussycat Dolls but a lot filthier! I love them already? You say they aren't signed which is pure madness. This group have it all. They are like the Spice Girls but for 2007! They've even got a Ginger foxy mistress in the middle. Get thee to a record company office immediately!

(Loving the school show/tell analogy too!)

Jessica said...

Hi DontStopthePop

I love this track! They really remind me of an early version of the Spice Girls and a bit like Miss Match. Confused? Yeah met too! What I mean to say is the Electric Dolls are a bit like the Spice Girls during their Spice days yet have that zest about them that reminds me of the Miss Match girlband that this place featured a few weeks ago!

There. I hoped I made some sort of sense. My advice for the Electric Dolls? Be less like the PussyCat Dolls, throw in some more throbbing baselines and keep writing brilliant lyrics!

Thanks girls! Can't wait for the album.

Howard said...


I love this! Thanks!

Howard said...

Do they have an album due out soon?

eric said...

Hi DontStopthePop

Sweden calling here! Maybe its me but perhaps I read wrong! Are these girls called the Electric Dolls? Right? I was expecting something a bit more E.L.E.C.T.R.I.C!!!! A few more beats! Yeah they've got some brilliant sounds (Demo's right?!) but they need to pump it up if they are gonna be really considered as an electric girlband!

Where is the vibrancy? Where is the thumping baseline? The fusion and pulsion? All of it sounds a bit too slow for my liking! I want them to turn it up a notch. Give us some voltage! I want the girls to take me to some thumping electro night club in central London!



Singapore said...

Hey all!!

I agree with this article! Electric Dolls sound like a great band to give the Sugababes/Girls Aloud a run for their money!

Marlies said...


I am going have to agree with Eric DSTP! I was expected a lot more electric than what I eventually heard. Perhaps a bit more bubblegum?

I do like Love me Long Time. Its just the music doesn't quite bounce out at me. I think the public of the United Kingdom are ready for some electropop. Robyn's no.1 clearly illustrates this no? At the moment I think Electric Dolls appear promising but I wouldn't put them next to the Spanish and Swedish pop rivals!

Just yet!


Anonymous said...

The girls are great! They remind me of the Spice Girls for some reason. I can hear why people want them to be a bit more pop though. They need to pump it up just a bit more.

Still, very promising but not in the same category as Robyn, Isabel Guzman and Miss Match.

Mark Phillipsson said...


You have a point. But not all bands can be over the top like Sweden's BwO. Of course it would be brilliant if the Electric Dolls did the English version of Alla Flickor but thats not really gonna chart here is it?

Perhaps it is.

Someone should send the song to the girls immediately. It has hit written all over it.

(I think I might have just contradicted myself!!)

Anonymous said...

This is great! They should be signed as soon as possible. I don't agree with the "they should sound like a Swedish band" argument.

One Robyn single does not make a change in climates! For every Robyn there's Alcazar, Annie, BwO, Danny and Mans that don't or won't chart well in the U.K. I do agree that they should "pop it up" but I wouldn't suggest that they suddenly make an entire album of camp pop songs. One or two disco pop songs would be greatly appreciated next to their other songs on their myspace player. That's all!

They've clearly got their sound and it works...I can't wait to hear for more from then soon. A record company would be mad not to pick them up.

Thanks for the song too.

PS I voted for them in that new band competition...go me!

Lisa J said...

Actually I'd love it if Electric Dolls started covering Swedish pop music. Hi5 do it!

Can you see it? A lot of bands launch themselves with cover albums. Electric Dolls sound like they'd have the gusto to get away with a covers album of Swedish pop tracks to break through the U.K charts. Then they could bring out their own material.

Just imagine it! The first UK act to release a Swedish covers album. It would so work!

Electric Dolls-Title to be confirmed but something to do with Sweden!

1. Dancing Queen (ABBA)

2. Crying At The Discotheque (Alcazar)

3. English version of Genom Allt (Carola)

4. Crucified (Army Of Lovers)

5. That's Life (Amy Diamond)

6. English version of Alla Flickor (Linda Bengtzing)

7. Show Me Love (Robyn)

8. Life Is A Flower (Ace Of Base)

9. The Arrival (The Attic with Therese)

10. Cry For You (September)

An "Electric Dolls Loves Sweden" album would so work. It would be stocked in all Ikea stores and purchases would come with a free Dime bar! I just got carried away didn't I? Well, whatever.

Dontstopthepop, thanks for this brilliant song. I can see why people are saying they need to glam it up though. I truly look forward to buying their album whether it be a covers album or not.

Lisa J


Daniel said...


Are you people mad! Swedish music must stay in Sweden.

Electric Dolls do their own thing and its best that they keep their sound distinct. I do like the idea of that covers album Lisa but as the article points out the Electric Dolls are very British and should use that to their advantage.


Marc said...

This is really good! Can I order this from Amazon? Do they have an album


Henri said...


I try to understand this goodly. The music is good. L5 a fini! In france! We to need this. France avoir besoin d'une musique comme cec! France needs this too. The music is very good. Thank you/merci! i like electric dolls. thank you

Luke said...

Where can I buy the CD online somewhere?

David said...

Electric Dolls are awesome... and so is Sweden... what more can I say? We need more powerful pop acts around in the UK... Sweden knows how to do it, so why can't we?!

Michaell said...

they're alot hotter than PCD well, at least they're all females ;D

Anonymous said...

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