An open letter to No Angels

Dear No Angels and your record company, management, whoever,

What on earth has possessed you to release Amaze Me as the third single from the Destiny album?

The track is nice enough, however it is not going to activate any interest in the album what so ever. The only track that would work realistically as a third single now would be a remixed version of Been Here Before. It would sound totally different from the last two singles, has an "in" sound and is one of the few songs on the album not to be a cover.

Alternatively a double A side of Amaze Me with a hot new upbeat song would work too and then we have all we need for a special edition!

No Angels used to be one of the best girlbands ever - we at DSTP know this because we worship girlbands so we know our shit! So please girls, take note. If even your biggest fans* can't recall how your planned third single is going to sound maybe you should look at something else...

If you feel strongly about this get in touch and let your feelings know to - it's probably not the right address but hopefully something will get through from there...

* given I live on the other side of the world and import every single, album, special edition and DVD, and was planning to fly around the globe for the aborted Pure tour I think I can qualify as "biggest fan".


Michaell said...

I feel sorry for them girls, there're such a high expectations and,suddenly such a flop - personally I think it's Vanessa who's responsible for it , I mean she must know some ppl in No Angels record company and she forced them to chose songs that aren't the strongest on their I'm quite sure she's capable of doing such thing

MaryCherry said...

Well it was because of her issues with the record company that she didn't go back apparently...

Sandy M said...

Hi Dontstopthepop,

Thanks for the support.

There have been some issues and problems with getting the right song to be single. Sorry. But I can say that No Angels do listen to the fans and The next single is a-double A-side and it is called Tear Drops.

Hope you like it.

Mark Phillipsson said...


No Angels ARE releasing a new double a-side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan said...

am i the only one who loves 'Back off' - i think it's so great.
the words are a lil cheesy but i rock out to it in the car lol

Anonymous said...

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