Sometimes some singers just stop you in your tracks. Jay Norton is one of those singers....And what a way to celebrate the success of With Every Heartbeat with an amazing cover.......

This previous week or so has seen my normal computer decide to disco strut off to Ibiza and simply crash out, my body collapse to the floor and generally being ordered to sit out the rest of August in bed with loads of lovely legal drugs (thanks docs!). Oh did I forgot to mention that I am moving out of London? So yeah its pretty much a very stressful time in la casa at the moment. Sorry about the heart-to-heart but it hopefully explains why I've not been around as much as I usually am. Enough with such emotional dithering! Let us move on already! In music, things are entering what one could describe as an renaissance! Or "Pop-jouissance" as readers of Jacque Lacan would say.

From Robyn (UK no.1) to Monrose (German no.1) and over to new and exciting acts like Isabel Guzman and B-tween, one cannot deny that there’s certainly something in summer sunshine. However all these acts are girls and none hail from the U.K. This is so not right is it?

Well, on the anniversary of this blogs' article on With Every Heartbeat, DontStopthePop proudly announces a British talent that I think must be signed for his talent is so exquisite and so rich that it would be criminal not to see Jay Norton on a major record company by the die is caste. In other words, sign this man now!!!

Jay's live cover of the song

Along with Isabel Guzman, Jay Norton is definitely one to watch out for. Tracing Robyn and Tyler James, Jay brings something totally new and unexpected to the field of music. Take his interpretation of With Every Heartbeat. Currently riding high in the charts under the auspices of Robyn’s delicate vocals, the original slithers between a girlfriends plea, surrender, joy, nothingness, utopia and desperation.

I hate to break it down to gender but with Jay, the message of the song completely alters. Suddenly the ballad becomes unhinged, raw, heartbroken and, rather than Robyn’s amazing “over-wroughtness” Jay promises severity and a sense of future sobriety instead of the secure closure that we feel in Robyn’s original. Its as if Jay Norton’s epic vocals have eroded Robyn’s sense of something and has ripped it apart while at the same time ensuring his lovers happiness. To put it in other words, with Robyn you feel as if she is slowly smiling and telling herself, that despite the hurt, “she don’t look back”. Robyn is gonna be Ok! However in Jays take, there is no recovery and the heart is still broken by the end. The boy is broken and sacrificed.

When I first saw Jay Norton perform this I was stunned and contacted him. The next day (er, today!) he’d recorded an mp3 of his version of With Every Heartbeat and has very kindly allowed DontStopthePop share this amazing version with you tonight! Just as Robyn herself completely changed Since You’ve Been Gone on Radio 1 the other day, Jay has done something quite beautiful to an already epic pop song. Andreas Kleerup, the man behind With Every Heartbeat has heard Jay’s cover and has already given the thumbs up.

So what makes me a tiny bit more proud about Jay than say perhaps than I would do otherwise?

He’s from the same town as me-Liverpool! Just 19, Jay is unsigned at the moment but as you’ll hear on his myspace player the kid likes to bounce about with styles, sounds and genres. His song This is Not Real Love it’s a beautiful electro dance ballad of sharps and reminds me of Robyn’s most sensitive moments. Then on When You’re Cheating, Jay simply sits with his piano, some stunning vocals and just allows his anger peacefully erupt into rage. Such is the strength of his demo’s, you almost kid yourself and think your listening to 2008’s Brit/Grammy winner of Best Album. Well, perhaps you are. Pop readers of the blog will love his bloody brilliant tribute to fellow Scouse act Dead Or Alive on his saucy cover of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) which Jay has updated as Pants Down.


This song/mp3 is so fresh it was only just recorded today people so enjoy! Jay, thank you for allowing readers of DontStopthepop this amazing mp3. Fingers crossed the next couple of months are gonna be your year! I also think its a major credit to the songwriters behind With Every Heartbeat, that the track is taking off on a life of its own in different modulations and corners of the UK. Well done Robyn/Andreas (again!).

Critical links: Jay Norton Myspace
Andreas Kleerup myspace
Robyn Official Website

Coming up: Ok, so DontStopthePop should be back to its normal self soonish! Can I just say pop is sooooooo good at the moment!


Daniel Stevens said...

To be honest with you I was fearing the worst.

But you know what? Jay has some brilliant vocals & I agree that he's certainly someone to look out for in the next couple of months. I do like his myspace tracks too.

I can see (or prhaps hear?) that unlike Robyn and Isabel Guzman, the guy needs some more work but he's only 19 right? So, he has ages and loads of talent to build upon on. A great little find-well done dstp!

Mark Phillipsson said...

You know you've made it when your being covered like that....

Like the guy above I was really not expecting anything good out of this. However on a second listen theres a real depth to his version. He's got great vocals & should be signed asap! (Btw he's much better than Tyler James-yuk!)

Another great find DSTP!

Any news on Isabel Guzman? I discovered her because of dontstopthepop! I'd like to know where I can buy her album. I am going to Sweden in September. Will it be out by then?

Kelly said...

The guy has talent for sure. Not sure if I like that cover though. Jury is out on this DSTP!

Poster Girl said...

I think I really like "This Is Not Real Love"! And I think I know where the Tyler James comparison is coming from, too.

Louise said...

Dang! Boy, Jay dat iz some review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dnt be gettin a big head now! No, I am just pullin ya. Wicked review and a boomin tune. Can't wait to cee ya @ Derby Hils!

Tom said...

Thanks! Great cover and find!



Anonymous said...

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