B-Tween do a Q-A with Don't Stop The Pop

B-tween are a very DontStopthePop act. Not only are they members of a girlband but they originated out of another girlband called E.M.M.A (a name created from the first letter in the girls first names like Raen and Clea). After E.M.M.A released three albums, two of the girls left the group and conceived of a new group and have called it B-tween. Its very early days yet but they've already recorded some amazing stuff like the wonderful pop smash Dangerzone and Reaching For The Stars. Martina Ståhl and Alexandra Pettersson clearly have their sights set on the pop girlband crown in Sweden and they are clearly up for the ride. Their 2008 looks to be very exciting. They refuse to stop the pop - indeed the chorus in one of their new songs includes the repeated lyric "We pop until we drop" which to me makes them classic Dont Stop The Pop act...and therefore DSTP had to talk to them!


"Hello B-Tween!!!!

The reaction on Dangerzone has been very positive. What will you name your first B-Tween album when time comes?
We have no idea, perhaps Dangerzone!

Perhaps, an early christmas present for pop lovers around the world?

Thats what we are hoping for ans we are trying our best to make it happen!

At the moment, songs like Reaching For The Stars, which includes the sublime lyric “we pop until we drop”, are zooming up my most-played lists on my Ipod. What do you want your album to sound like?

Nice! Mostly pop of course.. We want the sound to match our style and our listeners!

What would say was the best Swedish song released in 2007 (so far)?

We both like Septembers new song "Can't get over it"...

What do you think of Robyn and her making an impact in the UK?

It's great, and we wish her all the best!

Would you ever consider coming over here (the UK or any territory outside Sweden really?)

Of course!! It will make our dream come true!

Well fellow Swedish girl-duo LuckyTwice are huge in Spain. Would you follow suit and release something there? Spanish radio would love Reaching For the Stars and Dangerzone!!

Yeah, we would love to release something in Spain as in every other country.

You’ve both been in the music industry for ages. Would you ever decide to set up your own record company…and what would you call it?

Answer: Actually we haven't thought about it.. But we wish use our experience and it would be fun to work with music in a different way!

What was it like during your E.M.M.A days?
It was the best time in our lifes! E.M.M.A. gave ous a lot of experience and it made us who we are today! Because of the young age we had a lot of responsibility..

What is your favourite E.M.M.A song? Mine has to be Det bästa av allting är du! I can’t understand a word but it gets my butt moving without failure!

Haha, that sounds great! Our favourite E.M.M.A. song must be "Tur och Retur".

What made E.M.M.A go it separate ways? (How did the E.M breakaway from the M.A?)

We consideredthe music in emma, and we decided that we wanted to sing in a more mature way. So we stared a duo together, because we were the oldest in the group, and our voices are different but very suitable togehter.

What is/was your favourite Swedish rival girlband? Excellence? Miio? NG3?

We both think that it was NG3! They had a good sound!

Bitchtime: what Swedish act made you want to raise a middle finger and think “we can do much better than that!”. In a nice way of course!

Hmmm, it must be when Bubbles performed in the Swedish "Eurovision Songcontest".

Ok, back to B-Tween! How did you girls come up with the name…?

Answer: Because we are in a "B-Tween age" (middle age) and we thought it sounds cool =)

Your songs are so camp. In the recording studio, when your playing about with ideas, tracks and beats..have you said “lets make this poppier!”
Now I love BwO, Alcazar and the Army of Lovers. But I’ve got a feeling that B-Tween could be a girlband version of BWO/Alcazar. Does that crown fit?
Yes, maybe more like Alcazar than Bwo!

Quickfire section:

Dannii Minogue Or Kylie?
Kylie Minogue

Alcazar or BwO?


Cosmo4 or Bubbles?


B-Tween or E.M.M.A?

B-Tween, the "E.M.M.A.-days" are over (hehehe)

And lastly is the Dangerzone a hot or dry place?

A hot place, of course ;-)


Poster Girl said...

Aww, the site's all pink and cute!

Anyway, I'm interested to hear more from B-Tween--I really need to pick up some E.M.M.A. albums from the sound of it, too, though!

Anonymous said...

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