ITS A DELICATE BLOG WE MADE-Its a little blog roundup!

What a vibrant couple of weeks its been in the world of pop! Thus let us take a moment to look at those who look at pop-the pop blogs!

First of all lets all celebrate the interview ChartRigger completed with Mr.Hayes. Taking blogging to a CDUK level, Mister D'Luv exclusively speaks the Aussie prince of pop through a video! Yay. He's a youtube star now! Along with Darren Hayes only official website, ChartRigger has become the place for all your Darren Hayes details. No other blog has got this close to the guy. Welcome to the C-list mister d'luv. Link

TheZapping expounds the virtues of the wonderful new Simon Curtis material and the Swedish legend that is Darin. I believe he is busy working on a report for work so perhaps someone should offer a back massage for the guy. Preferably using peppermint foot lotion ala Beautiful Thing. I so think Beautiful Thing could be made into a musical. Link

Mikey of PopTrashAddicts delievers another brilliantly written piece on the Australian pop princess Brielle Davis. Not only only did he quite evidently have a great time at the gig itself but you can totally sense the happiness of the entire evening. I am sure theres more he hasn't told us but such is the energy in his words you feel almost there. The lucky boy will see Robyn perform this friday. I want all the details! Link

XO's Middle Eight clicks his heels at the new video for the Raisin Murphy video for her new single Let Me Know. He concludes in a very London cabby way that shes a "pretty girl" with a "pretty song". Nice! Link

PopPosterGirl worryingly does a piece on Sean Kingston! But she's promised to return to her wonderful dreamy pop utopia with a piece on Belanova. I sigh a huge breath of relief. Link

Popjustice celebrates a brilliant new cover of Robyn and Kleerup's summer smash as it reveals its been given the glorious Almighty treatment! Ding Dong! Link

Pop-Hyperbole celebrates LuckyTwice who are appearing at G-a-y this Saturday! I am wondering whether I can make it! I soooo want to! Link

Jamie's Poplicious blog celebrates the wonderfulness of Soraya and her cover of the Ryan Paris track La Dolce Vita! Well let me just say Soraya is returning to DontStopthePop. I've got the album released this tuesday and it features a Kylie cover so trashy I am bereft. Link

Schlagerblog announces the list for next years Melodifestivalen dates in Sweden. Sadly the organisers have forgotten to add Birmingham to the tour de force once again. Someone pass the tissues! I want my UK Nanne! Link

Coming up: DSTP's interview with B-tween, Soraya and something amazing from Robyn!


Paul said...

hopefully my work report will be done today. God i hope so my eyes are going to explode if not. Cute blog round up :) Can't wait for the stuff you got coming up...

Jamie said...

Thanks for the mention. We all love a good mention....

Anonymous said...

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