Ok, Ok! Truth be told Journey South were never DSTP's kinda cup of tea. I love my pop and its gotta be about friday night with the girls, lipstick and should be able to make that butt whiggle.

Alas, the boys put on a preview showcase tonight. Listening to the album performed by the band, I was stunned that my first impressions were deeply misplaced. The album sounded more like the much-loved but worryingly forgotten male duo from the U.S-Ringside (see them here in a song covered by Enrique Inglesias). Their brand of acoustic pop - with its stress on the impressive vocals - whipped the energy into some kind of maelstrom of emotions that had my best mate pining for the album.

Despite a short set the event was packed and consequent applauses were well-deserved. I am trying to recall it all but as of writing its all a bit of a blur.



Well Clea were also at the showcase. After the concert, I chatted with the girls and, yes, I blubbered and melted like a scouse fool that I am. We chatted about Robyn, the new album (its half done fans!) and China. Aimee looked stunning, Emma looked fierce and her twin sis Sara looked even fiercer! I am a *huge* fan of the girlband and I was like totally nattering away but alas I think I melted. Melted like a really lovely butterscotch Caramac bar in the summer sun. I am an incredibly shy boy and the girls were so nice it kinda made me wanna laugh inside. I even cut Emma off as she was talking about the state of pop in the UK and how 2008 looked. Sorry Emma! (I was just totally nervous!) After a few hugs, I was skiing on cloud 9.

T'was a great concert, Clea, great event and Journey South revealed an album that I actually seemed to love DESPITE being way out of my pop comfort zone. Then we - went with my old school friend - perked off to Starbucks in Borders and chatted about how great the band were and my mate confessed her old-school crush on Kavana. I proceeded to spill the latte all over me. Cute no?

Edit: The Sheila's Wheels were also at the event in all their pink get-up. As was Kavana! The mini-hotdogs were lovely too.

Second Edit: Details about Clea's up and coming are a bit sketchy. Only because I melted and my memory is all over the place tonight. I know fans are really interested...and believe me so am I! The girls are going for a full blown pop album. The vibe I am feeling about their third album will be primarily about going out with your best mates. Only half-done (its due for release come March 2008), its an album that might sound a bit Kylie when she was still in her hotpants, a bit of Bootyluv and taking that sound that Clea initially created on Trinity to a higher level. As such, its gonna be an album firmly for the mirrorball enthusiasts out there. Perhaps an Mirrorball LoveAffair? The Confessions on a Dancefloor? Naw, more like Anthems of the Dance Generation! So yeah, pop all over!!

BTW: The ever so democratic Pop Awards are coming to an end very soon so get voting. "Don't Stop The Pop Award For Not Stopping The Pop (aka the LifeTime Award/or DontStopthePop Hall Of Fame)" will be announced very shortly too.

BTW: Next Up on DSTP...the interview with B-tween!


Anonymous said...

There will actually be a completly new video for handle me.

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