RAUL Loca/Facil De Amar

Snippet of both Loca & Facil De Amar here: Zshare
Buy the album here: ElCorteIngles

I'd been meaning to write an article on Raúl since Don't Stop the Pop begun but oddly I've never got round to it so now seems to be the perfect time. Why? Because I didn't know what to write about after Jonah Hedqvist. I've been in a bit of a predicament-before deciding on Raúl, I had no idea what to follow the Swedish legend. I mean how to do you top Jonah? All my favourite acts are still recording their albums so everything else is just on the verge of becoming something. Robyn, Caracola, Pay-TV and the sublime Miss Match and et al are all just about to do something. But not quite yet though. I couldn't write an article with a "watch this space". That wouldn't be right. So as you can see Jonah was a bit of a tough act to follow. Who on earth could ever appear after the DontStopthePop legend?

Its not like its a weak week for pop music at the moment. You have Booty Luv, September and BwO all appearing left, right and centre. I thought of writing something about those releases but you know what? Other blogs do that and much better than I could ever think of! I love PosterGirls sublime review of Septembers new release for example.

Anyway, I found Raúl and cursed myself for not thinking about him sooner! Still, better late than never! But alas trouble stirred once again. His new LP suffers from one thing-too many good songs! I spoke to his record company. They didn't mind as long as it was one. So then became an epic difficulty of wondering on earth was I going top pick? I couldn't sleep at night! It was a predicament of biblical proportions! I loved two tracks in particular! The jazz poptastic song Loca and the beautiful classical song Facil De Amar! Which one!

Loca is a onslaught of poppy catchiness that refers to Chicago, All That Jazz and er yeh, the swinging 1930s-40s! It takes you right there-the smoky rooms of 1940's Barcelona.

Facil De Amar refers to Mozart, Robyn's Dream On and Led Zeppelin. In many ways it reflects his entire album (his 6th by the way!). It also could be on the next Linda Bengtzing album . Yes, its perhaps the first ever Spanish Swedish Schlager pop song. It could have been Spains Eurovision entry. And would have won. Its that catchy! Whereas Loca takes you to the 20th century, Facil De Amar is all over the place. First your at the Tudor court of Queen Elizabeth and then your Cher gig when she was pumping out her wonderful rock anthems on ships with yummy sailors riding huge weapons. And then with the chorus Raul takes you to anABBA concert.

Decisions, Decisions!

So you know what? I couldn't decide. Snippets of both songs have been molded together. I am sorry. I couldn't make the decision. I wimped out. They are just too good. I am tragical! Sorry kids!

Who is Raul!? Oh nothing but a Spanish icon! A pop legend too. It is only fitting that after Jonah must come Raul! Every song he has ever released whether it be his hit single Baila:

or something like this or his failed Eurovision entry I Love You Mi Vida:

(Won by boyband D-Nash in the end!)

Raul has always put on a rather good show! If your into your Helena Paparizou's you'll really like his earlier work. Its his new album that reveals a sound that transcends his earlier Europop sound, a bit more adult(y) and has thus sent his sales into the stratosphere. There are rumours that the well-produced album, entitled Una Vida (a tribute to G-Nash perhaps?), is being translated and re-recorded into English which is quite unusual for Spanish acts these days. Especially considering Raul can depend on his huge South American audience...perhaps latinpop is back but this time just don't mention Ricky Martin or Paulina Rubio and whatever you do - keep that term "spanglish" back on the beach of 1999!


Poster Girl said...

I love me some Spanish-speaking boys singing cheesy pop songs. One of life's greatest pleasures, it is.

I didn't know him! And I like his music (literally everything you linked to or posted)--yay! Except not yay, because now I'll have to import CDs from Spain. But yay again because at least I'll have good music to listen to in my semi-poverty!

I could be completely wrong on this, but I think Raúl presented "I Love You Mi Vida" as opposed to actually competed in Misión Eurovisión (since to begin with the Spanish voted on song and singer separately, each of the songs in contention had to be performed by someone not in the running to actually go to Eurovision)? Just guessing, since it's the song's name, not his, that the screen displays.

Paul said...

how do you top Jonah? Let me begin my list of dirty suggestions :P :P :P RAR!

Anonymous said...

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